ODO 107: I Don’t Need To Be Rich

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The Livestream For The Cure is over and they managed to raise over $11,000 for the Cancer Research Institute. I’ve got a small sidebar about my son and coffee, and this week I came to realization that I don’t really want to be rich. The news brings some questionable headlines, an irritable barber, and an absent-minded astronaut. At long last, the time has come for this week’s Recommended Listening feature: Who’s Right w/ Doug and Anthony.


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-BS From The News-



  • Launching a Crypto Scam? Here’s What NOT to Do

I don’t even care about the article, this is all about the headline. This can be summed up in one sentence: “Don’t start a crypto scam.”


A video going viral on social media in China appears to show a truck full of egg cartons hatching into baby chicks. Personally I think that this must be fake because I don’t understand why fertilized eggs would be transferred that way. Then again, it’s China , and there’s really no telling.


A New York man was not happy with his haircut. After he complained about it to the barber and threatened to not pay, the barber pushed the man through the shop’s front window.


  • Mom Renames Son After Tattoo Is Misspelled

A Swedish mother went to get her son’s name, Kevin, tattooed on her arm. Unfortunately, the tattoo artist misspelled the name and wrote “Kelvin” instead. Rather than get it fixed or removed, the mother just decided to change her son’s name instead.


-Jackass Of The Week-


Astronaut Forgets To Load SD Card Before Spacewalk

While preparing to film a spacewalk, an astronaut on the ISS noticed that his Go Pro said no SD. After asking NASA for clarification, it was discovered that they simply forgot to load it into the camera before launch.


-Recommended Listening-
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