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To say this show is a little random would be an understatement. I go from talking about car issues and why I missed last week, to adventures in voice acting. I get a little psycho-analytical, and somewhere in there I crack open my brain a bit and the voices in my head start leaking through. Have I mentioned normal is not my specialty? In the news I’ve got Apple “fixing” an emoji, a bunch of jealous parents, and a wannabe Texas Chainsaw Massacre who’s getting fitted for a peg leg.


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-BS From The News-


Because people have nothing better to do than to complain about the accuracy of emojis, Apple has released a new version of their bagel emoji with their latest update. Users complained that the previous version looked like a low quality, mass produced, grocery store variety bagel. The new version appears more like a hand made bagel with cream cheese.

bagel emoji


A father in China has been blacklisted by the parents at his son’s school because he frequently drops his son off in his Ferrari 488 sports car. They even went to the extent of removing him from the parent’s group chat. Many parents in the school feel that his display of wealth is going to have a negative effect on the rest of the children, and have told him not to bring the car to school. *I think they’re just a bunch of jealous bitches.


-Jackass Of The Week-


A 76 year old Tennessee man had to have his leg amputated after he attacked his son with a chainsaw while his son was mowing the lawn. The son then ran his father over with the lawnmower in self defense. *76 year old man running with a  chainsaw. What could possibly go wrong?


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