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Geeze I’m busy this week. With all of the preparing for NAPODPOMO I almost forgot I still needed to do a regular episode. On top of that, our dog has been sick and I’ve been having to take him back and forth to his vet with no answers yet. In the news: I’ve got a guy who likes to scam scammers, a stupid woman who should have been eaten, and R. Kelly reaffirming that he’s not only a douchebag, but also a jackass. Finally in Recommended Listening, I’m gonna try to keep it creepy for October with this week’s feature: “A Girl And Her Horror.”


For the past two years I’ve participated in NAPODPOMO, National Podcast Post Month, where you try to release a new podcast episode every day for 30 days. This year I decided to try releasing 30 interviews for 30 days. What I didn’t think about was how much work it would be to not only record 30 interviews, but just to find 30 people and get them scheduled. Not to mention editing them and writing up the show notes. I seriously don’t know how I’m gonna actually pull it off.

Sick Puppy

Not to get to personal, but our dog is sick. Our Dalmatian-Lab, Emmit, who already has a thyroid condition, hasn’t eaten in over 2 weeks. He’s been going through blood tests, exams, x-rays, and at the time of recording, we still don’t know what’s wrong. So far we have no explanation for why he wont eat, and it’s getting scarier and scarier as eat test comes back with nothing. There is now a concern that he may have some form of cancer that they haven’t found yet. I don’t know how we’re going to deal with losing another dog to cancer.

BS From The news

A student in Ireland has been tricking email scammers into giving him money by convincing them that they have to verify their authenticity to his bank before he can send them money. He then donates the money to charity in the scammers’ names.


A woman climbed over the wall to the lion exhibit at the Bronx Zoo and began taunting the lions from across the security moat.

-Jackass Of The Week-
Rapper, R. Kelly Complaining That He’s Only Allowed To See One Of His Girlfriends While In Jail

R. Kelly is in jail, in Chicago, on federal sex crimes charges, and is also facing other charges of racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor and sexual exploitation of a child. He’s now asking to be released on bond because visitation rules only allow him to have one of his girlfriends visit him in jail over a 90 day period. He apparently has multiple girlfriends that live with him and is upset that he cannot see them all regularly.

-Recommended Listening-

A Girl And Her Horror

A Girl And Her Horror

A little bit of horror, thrillers, and everything nice? Oh sorry, I most definitely did not mean nice.

I’m Natalie and welcome to A Girl and Her Horror where I review a horror movie or show in 5 minutes or less. There will be spoilers! Duh!

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