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It’s that time again. Where I have one of my podcaster friends on to talk about whatever comes up. This month it’s Kate Wallinga from “Ignorance Was Bliss” and “Lifeworld.” Except this time she was invited to be part of November’s National Podcast Post Month interviews. After editing down that episode, all the stuff “left on the cutting room floor” was just too good to throw away, and made for a pretty good episode itself. Of course, we talk podcasting, but also about the relationships we’ve formed from the podcast community, and the psychological side of why we do this crazy thing called podcasting. In a nutshell, “we’re all narcissists.”

Kate Wallinga

Kate has spent her entire professional life in the field of mental health and criminal justice. She has worked in both prison and hospital settings in the fields of correctional psych, forensic psych, and crisis assessment.
After an extreme hospitalization in 2010 and a broken back in 2014 forced her out of the medical profession, she began to fill her time by listening to true crime podcasts. By the summer of 2018 she decided to start her own.

Ignorance Was Bliss

Ignorance Was Bliss

Ignorance Was Bliss started out as a more traditional true crime podcast, with the more traditional crime story of the day sort of format. But unlike more traditional true crime shows, Kate isn’t big on the so-called “murder porn” that tends to dominate the genre. Instead she veered the show into more general conversations with friends and other creators, with the occasional dip back into the world of true crime.
Although not intentional, Kate usually ends up pulling out some deep stories and emotion from her guests and digging into some areas that nobody planned on.



Lifeworld is a true crime podcast with an internet spin. Kate and co-host Derek discuss true crime cases that could only have happened because of the internet.
“As the internet grows as an everyday tool, someone will inevitably use it for nefarious means. We discuss crimes that could have only happened in the information age as people took things away from cyberspace and brought them into the lifeworld.”


November is National Podcast Post Month. Join me for 30 days of podcast episodes.
I’ll have guests, news, maybe the kids will even drop by.
There’s no knowing what I’ll talk about when I have to go every day.

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