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Although he has appeared on the show before, Derek had yet to be my esteemed “Guest of the Month” so I needed to fix that. Because we’re both nerds, we talk about video games. And, because we’re both podcasters, we talk podcasting and how Derek has checked off a lot of podcast category boxes. He’s done a gaming news show, an actual play tabletop game which shifted into an improvised audio drama, and now he’s dipping his toes into True Crime with his new project “Lifeworld.”

Derek Graziano

Derek Graziano

Rolling misadventures

Rolling Misadventures

Rolling Misadventures is a podcast, created by Derek Graziano, as a way to let hosts unwind from their own projects by coming together to create collaborative improv audio dramas while playing the game Fiasco. Joined by Megan Danger (Oh No! Lit Class), Charles Kelly (NoCo.FM), and rotating guests from your favorite podcasts, the hosts create two episode story arcs that allow listeners to jump in without the worry of missing hours of backstories and inside jokes. While story arcs are kept to a limited number of episodes, this allows them to hop between genres as well. From a Victorian era playhouse, to a ‘90s teen horror story, and even a spaghetti western soap opera, the only thing for sure is that things will end in a total Fiasco.



As the internet grows as an everyday tool, someone will inevitably use it for nefarious means. We discuss crimes that could have only happened in the information age as people took things away from cyberspace and brought them into the lifeworld.

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