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Soooo… I’m sick. No 2 ways about it. I’ve been coughing my head off, and my voice is shot. So I’m gonna continue to talk about how I’m sick and my voice is shot because I’m smart that way. On a similar “smart” note, all of the news this week can be summed up in one question, “what were they thinking?” There’s a preacher trying to outdo Jesus, a really idiotic French court ruling, and a Jackass who spent his life savings fighting a speeding ticket. But wait, there’s more. In Recommended Listening I’m going back to a show that’s been mentioned but not formally featured, it’s “Oh No! Lit Class.”

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I’m sick… Again…

Oh No! I’m Sick… Again

So, almost immediately after last week’s show, I started feeling that familiar tickling in my sinuses and throat that something was coming. By Friday I was waking up with full on sinus pressure and a scratchy throat. My energy was going, but I didn’t have much choice. I needed to go to work. Anyways, I wasn’t that bad yet. I started loading up on Emergen-C immune defense gummies. (Yes gummies, because I’m still a Toys-R-Us kid.) I started taking Aleve for the body aches and fever, and I started taking my allergy meds to clear up my sinuses.

All of that made me functional. I still felt like crap, but I was functional. I still had to get through Saturday after all. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t call out of work on a Saturday. Only a handful of people work Saturdays, and if you try to call out, nobody, and I mean nobody, will even answer their phones.

Since this all started on Thursday night, and I’d been loading up on my medication cocktail, I didn’t expect it to last into the week. But here I am. I sound like I’ve been throat punched by Jackie Chan. I’m coughing my head off. (I spared you that in the audio.) And I’m really just tired as hell. But there’s editing to do, and “the show must go on!”

BS From The News

A South African pastor was found dead 30 days after attempting to emulate the Biblical fasting of Jesus that lasted 40 days and 40 nights.

Long story short, a man has a heart attack and dies after having sex. Because the man was on a work trip at the time, the courts declared that it classified as an “on the job incident” and his employer was legally responsible for his death.

-Jackass Of The Week-

Man Spends 30K to Fight $100 Ticket

A man in the UK was clocked, by a speed camera, doing 35 mph in a 30mph zone. When he received his ticket in the mail, rather than responding guilty or not guilty, he wrote a note claiming he had nothing to answer for because he wasn’t speeding. (BTW That would be called “not guilty.”) This lead to a series of hearings and appeals up the court system that would ultimately cost him nearly $30,000 in court fees and travel expenses. And he still lost the case. All that over a $100 ticket.

-Recommended Listening-

Oh No! lit Class

Oh No Lit Class

Oh No! Lit Class is a semi-educational comedy literature podcast that’s here to tell you all the strange and sexy things you never knew about the books you had to read in school.
Hosted by two former English grads, ON!LC is a fun, foul-mouthed Sparknotes for your ears, mixing plot summaries, author bios, and trivia with bad impressions, worse singing, and occasionally even financial advice…For some reason.

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