Stayin’ Alive, Even If It Kills Me: ODO 127

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 This week I find myself in a sea of parents at one of the most uncomfortable events of the year… Children’s winter concerts. Throwing the season out the window, in Recommended Listening I’ve got a new take on a horror movie podcast with “Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe.” And I wrap it all up with a failed marriage between a woman… and a ghost.

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-Recommended Listening-
Kim and Ket Stay Alive… Maybe

What do you get when two best friends, and horror movie fans, convince themselves that they would definitely be ‘the final girl’ at the end of the movie and never be the girl running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door? You get Kim and Ket Stay Alive…Maybe. Each episode, Kim Burns and Ketryn Porter choose a different horror film, and through very scientific (not scientific), totally indisputable (very disputable) methods, and amidst hilarious tangents about their personal lives, they determine whether they would be the ones to stay alive at the end.

-Jackass Of The Week-
-Woman Who Married Pirate Ghost Claims They’ve Separated

An Irish woman, who has claimed to have married the ghost of a 300 year old pirate, has announced that they have split up.

Personally, I think the bit about him being dead for 300 years would have split them up in the first place, but hey it’s 2018!

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