Laughing Through Our Fears- Matt Heyman- Part 1: ODO 179

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For the next two weeks I’ll be releasing my “interview” with Matt Heyman from “PreRecorded Live.” In part 1 of the interview, we get into a wide range of topics. From general tech, to home improvement, and even to how we would cope with various life changing traumas, including Matt’s three brushes with cancer.

-Trigger Warning-

This episode actually touches on some heavier topics, namely my personal robbery trauma, Matt’s cancer battles, and how we feel we would cope with certain traumatic situations. Of course this is all done with a healthy dose of comedy because that’s who we are. We don’t get especially serious, but if those types of subjects may bother you, next week will be much lighter. Also, Matt had testicular cancer, sooooo there’s lots of ball talk. (Hence the walnuts in the episode art hehe…)

Matt heyman

Matt is probably most easily described as a nerd of all trades. He dips into all of the typical areas of expected nerd-dom fairly well. Comics, video games, cartoons, movies, he can talk about it all. But besides all that he is also a trained chef who once participated in “The Great Food Truck Race” on Food Network before even making it out of his twenties.

Matt is also a 3 time survivor of testicular cancer. Yes you read right, three times. And yet he still keeps up a positive disposition and overall fun loving attitude.

Prerecorded Live

PreRecorded Live

Each Week Matt, Joe, and Becky goof off and geek out on various topics in this ad-lib podcast.

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