Laughing Through Our Fears- Matt Heyman- Part 1: ODO 179

For the next two weeks I’ll be releasing my “interview” with Matt Heyman from “PreRecorded Live.” In part 1 of the interview, we get into a wide range of topics. From general tech, to home improvement, and even to how we would cope with various life changing traumas, including Matt’s three brushes with cancer.

-Trigger Warning-

This episode actually touches on some heavier topics, namely my personal robbery trauma, Matt’s cancer battles, and how we feel we would cope with certain traumatic situations. Of course this is all done with a healthy dose of comedy because that’s who we are. We don’t get especially serious, but if those types of subjects may bother you, next week will be much lighter. Also, Matt had testicular cancer, sooooo there’s lots of ball talk. (Hence the walnuts in the episode art hehe…)


Support Hello Cancer WTF


Support Hello Cancer WTF

Support Hello Cancer WTF

Recently, good friend and fellow podcaster, Perry Johnson from Hello Life WTF and the Pod Stuff was diagnosed with an inoperable form of stomach cancer, which has spread to his liver and the lymph nodes in his throat. They have chosen to fight this cancer to the end and he has begun preparations for chemotherapy. This recent development only adds to the strain on this family. As the sole income earner in his family, Perry’s inability to work through treatment makes things that much more difficult.  Please support this amazing family in this time of need.

ODO 104

ODO 104: Cancer Sucks Noodles


I’ve been in kind of a funk lately. Leading up to the Livestream For The Cure, a number of my friends, some of them involved in the event, have been slapped by the evil bastard that is cancer. So I talk about that for a bit. Short show this time around. I originally didn’t intend to release this episode but changed my mind. Not a lot of laughs. To lighten things up I continue with my coverage of LFTC guest with this week’s featured podcast, “Who Spiked The Puns?”


ODO 95: Sex, Death, and Even More Sunshine

ODO 95: Sex, Death, and Even More Sunshine

I’m continuing my series featuring the guests of the Sunshine Summit 2018 with Chris from “The Podcasting Couch” and Lindsay and Perry Johnson of  “Hello Life WTF” and “The Pod Stuff.” Somehow the news all came up death and sex. Whether it’s fake death, real death, sexy stuff after death… I don’t make the theme, it just happens that way. Going with that theme I share my feelings about “sexy shower time” and how it’s nothing like it looks in movies.


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A man suspected of eating a large amount of heroin and crack cocaine has gone nearly 40 days (at the time of posting) without defecating. Police have had him under 24 hour observation waiting for him to pass the supposed drugs as evidence. Some doctors have said that the experience may actually kill him if he doesn’t poop soon.
A man in Manchester, England called an ambulance claiming to have reduced sensation in his legs and needing to go to the hospital. When he arrived he admitted that he lied about being sick and just wanted a lift to visit his friend who was a patient there.
With a striking sense of similarity to a previous story, a couple in Russia faked their own deaths to assist investigators in arresting their 22 year old son who had tried to have them killed. They posed for death


A woman who ran a YouTube channel about how she managed to cure her stage-4 breast cancer through prayer and diet, died from her cancer. She claimed that God told her that a vegan and juicing diet would cure her cancer. After she realized her cancer had not gone but spread, she asked her niece to take the videos down, but her niece claimed that her cancer came back because she stopped following God’s directions.

Apparently in China, it’s kind of a thing to have strippers at funerals. The idea is that having strippers will get more people to attend the funeral. Authorities have been trying to crack down on this activity for years.


An Indian state, known for it’s “generosity” has begun a program to provide free cosmetic breast surgery to the poor. They claim that women with large breasts may feel too uncomfortable to go outside for fear of ridicule. They also say that small chested women may feel too uncomfortable to go outside for fear of ridicule. Their solution is to provide free boob jobs to those who cannot afford it so that they will be more confident productive members of society.


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Thank you to Chris from BSP: The Idio[t]synchrasy Files for the fry bread recommendation after the past episode.

Thank you to Steven and SP from Better Podcasting for the shoutout on the show this week. You guys rock.