ODO 104: Cancer Sucks Noodles

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I’ve been in kind of a funk lately. Leading up to the Livestream For The Cure, a number of my friends, some of them involved in the event, have been slapped by the evil bastard that is cancer. So I talk about that for a bit. Short show this time around. I originally didn’t intend to release this episode but changed my mind. Not a lot of laughs. To lighten things up I continue with my coverage of LFTC guest with this week’s featured podcast, “Who Spiked The Puns?”

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Who Spiked The Puns

who spiked the puns

The recipe is simple. Every week, Fuzzy Dan and his friends watch two movies, tenuously linked by a bad pun, and then put them in a conversational blender. It’s a podcast for fans of classic, and not so classic, films. If this sounds like your bag, it’s highly recommend that you grab a few beers, sit back, and enjoy the movies and the laughs. It’d be sad if you didn’t.

To Support Any Of These Amazing People Click The Links Below
Livestream For The Cure

Livestream For The Cure

Matt and Becky Heyman

Matt and Becky Heyman’s Cancer Catch-up

Matt Heyman from Pre-Recorded Live, has now been struck for the third time with cancer in under 10 years. After multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, his life has forever been upended. He and his wife Becky have not even begun to dig themselves out from the mountain of debt from the last time when it showed up for the third. They can use all the help they can get.

Hello Cancer WTF- For Perry Johnson

Perry Johnson from Hello Life WTF and the Pod Stuff was recently diagnosed with an inoperable form of esophageal and stomach cancer. They have chosen to fight this cancer to the end and he has begun preparations for chemotherapy. This recent development only adds to the strain on this family. As the sole financial support in his family, Perry’s inability to work through treatment is that much more difficult for this family. Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.


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