Laundry Apocalypse w/ Donna From “Broken Compass” Podcast

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It’s guest time again Oddballs. This time I have Donna Johnson from the “Broken Compass” podcast, which is a very new podcast featuring Donna and her best friend Angela talking about, well, all of the things they like to talk about. It’s a little bit true crime, a little bit conspiracies, and a little bit just a couple of moms bullshitting. Like me, Donna is the stay-at-home parent to her two boys, so this conversation gets way into all of the “fun” of being a parent that they just don’t warn you about.

Donna Johnson

Donna is the host of the “Broken Compass” podcast and mother to two boys with remarkably similar stories to some of mine. But she’s also had some far more traumatic issues with one of her boys. For more on that, feel free to listen to her appearance on “Ignorance Was Bliss.”
But what I really love about Donna is that she’s a tough, goofy, snarky mom just like me. (By like me, I mean the goofy snarky part not the mom part.) And she has more than her fair share of stories to share. But I’ll warn you here. Don’t piss her off. She’s trained in Jiu Jitsu.

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Two best friends navigate the curious, the depraved and the criminal.

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