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It’s the last week of school for my boys, and summer is right around the corner. In the news, I’ve got a few ways to really waste your money. I’ve got an update on last weekend’s Livestream For The Cure. And, in Recommended Listening, we’re revisiting a show that has announced their end. It’s time to say goodbye to More Gooder Than.

Summer Is Coming

It’s the last week of school for my boys. Soon enough, instead of having my 2 younger boys home, I will have all 4 of my boys at home all day. I’ve talked before about how much it messes with our daily routine when any of the boys or my wife are home during the day. Now it’s full time at home and it’s a whole new routine.
On top of that, we’re gonna have the 3 older boys all in a summer prep camp for 2 weeks starting in June. This is gonna help get them ready for next year and help Bug get used to what it’s like going to school at all. Plus, it will help get our youngest used to life without his brother home all day. It’s definitely gonna be a new experience.

BS From The News

A town in the UK spent £6,000 to install a covered bus stop on a road that does not have bus service. In their defense, there was service on that road when the work was commissioned, but in the mean time, that particular route was changed and that road was left busless. 

*Next time they might want to work on their inter-departmental communication.

A man in Limerick, Ireland spent almost $4000 to have his Volkswagen lowered to have only a 4 inch ground clearance. The problem is that the town on his route to work has recently installed 6 inch high speed bumps (the city claims that they are only 3 inches) throughout the town. This has caused over $2500 in damages to his car and forced him to change his route to one that adds another 30 miles a day to his drive. Now he wants the city council to pay for the damages.
*He voluntarily lowered his car to a point that he can’t go over a simple speed bump, and yet it’s the city’s fault that his car was damaged. Way to go dumbass.


People Getting Therapy To Deal With GoT Ending

People are actually getting therapy to deal with the ending of Game Of Thrones. It’s a TV show!! The argument goes that people become very attached to the characters and stories in a show over the course of 8 years and may feel a sense of loss when it’s over. 

* Look, I get attached to the stories and may get emotional over storylines on a TV show, but I can separate a fictional television broadcast from real people and stories. If a TV show has become so important to your life that you need to seek therapy over a series finale, you probably needed to seek therapy loooonnng before this.

Livestream For The Cure

I just want to say congratulations to The Epic Film Guys and everyone else who was involved in this years Livestream For The Cure. Not only did they reach their goal of $7500 by day 2, they crushed it with a 3 day total of $8300. This does not include any donations made through the end of June or merchandise sales that have yet to be added. This also doesn’t account for the fact that CRI will be matching all donations made through the end of June which will bring the total over $16,000.
Way to go everyone. I’m really looking forward to next year. Let’s see $10,000!!

-Recommended Listening-

Goodbye More Gooder Than

More Gooder Than

After 3 years, the crew from More Gooder Than have announced that they will be ending the show after main episode 70. They have said that they are making arrangements for the show to stay available after they end it so that you will still be able to go back and listen. According to the hosts, the end comes simply as a result of work/ life/ podcast balance. Sometimes  something’s gotta give, and in most cases, your podcast is the first thing on the chopping block.
So long MGT. I’m sure the “Sacred Grove” will live on without you.

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