The Rise Of Neck Tattoos: ODO 163

Kind of an uneventful week I guess. We went to the first food truck event of the season, (now that the sun wont cook all the vendors inside their trucks.) I give an update on my whole “being sick” thing. No news theme this week, just stupidity. There’s a guy who got fired over his attendance record, an idiot who tried to fight a grizzly bear, and an unplanned rant inspired by Moby’s new neck tattoo. Lastly, in Recommended Listening, we’re exploring the New Kingdom of America with “The Rise of King Asilas.

ODO 152

Youtubes and Tortoise Tanks: ODO 152

Another short show this week. I’m sticking to just my weekly what’s goings on this time around. This includes our recent drama over treating a possibly sick tortoise and my recent YouTube obsession with blacksmithing videos. CURSE YOU YOUTUBE RABBIT HOLES!!

I also shared a promo for the upcoming live event being put on by “Ignorance Was Bliss” and the “Getting Off” podcast before the True Crime Podcasters Convention in Chicago.
More info about that is at

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Summer Camp = Screwy Schedules: ODO 151

Looks like it’s going to be shorter shows for the next couple weeks. Long story short, my boys being in a summer camp program has totally messed with my daily home schedule and I just don’t have the time for longer shows for a couple weeks. But I did give you a little teaser for an upcoming feature.

ODO 149

GoT Summer Blues? ODO 149

It’s the last week of school for my boys, and summer is right around the corner. In the news, I’ve got a few ways to really waste your money. I’ve got an update on last weekend’s Livestream For The Cure. And, in Recommended Listening, we’re revisiting a show that has announced their end. It’s time to say goodbye to More Gooder Than.

ODO 114

Summer Vacation and The Return of Sunshine: ODO 114

I’m back from our regular summer vacation, and I think I need another one. We always a good time, but, let’s just put it this way, would you want to spend 20 hours in a van with 4 screaming boys? But now it’s time to get back to work, back to business, and back to talking about myself because that’s what I do here. Well, not just about myself. It’s also time for another Sunshine Summit!


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ODO 67: This Heat Is Frying Brain Cells

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Summer 2017 has started with a BANG! There’s been record heat waves across the US and Europe. The heat in Phoenix actually left planes grounded at the airport. It looks like the heat may be frying some people’s brain cells a bit as dumb crime seems to be ticking up. From shoplifters at Wal-Mart to hackers at the CIA, nobody is using their brains much right now. This week’s feature goes to a another weird news show I’ve been turned on to, “The Crazy Town Podcast.”


  • Record Heat Wave For Phoenix

This passed week has had at least 4 straight days with temperatures between 115 and 120 degrees. The weather maps actually nearly ran out of colors due to the high temperatures. 

  • Several dozen flights had to be cancelled out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport because the daily highs were too hot for many planes to fly.

  • Heat Wave In Europe Has Men In Skirts

Nearly 50 boys chose to wear skirts to school because the school dress code does not allow for boys to wear shorts. The prep school uniform does allow girls to wear skirts, and so the boys decided to wear the skirts to protest the injustice of the dress code. Apparently a male member of the school staff arrived wearing a skirt after being sent home for wearing shorts.

  • French Bus Drivers Wear Skirts In Heat Because Shorts Are Banned.

A group of male bus drivers in Nantes, France showed up to work in skirts because company policy does not allow them to wear shorts on hot days. Skirts, on the other hand, are allowed, and the dress code doesn’t specifically state that only women can wear them.

While researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey were making adjustments to their computer records, a computer glitch interpreted the changes as a current threat and sent out a series of automated warnings for a magnitude 6.8 quake. The quake in question actually occurred in June of 1925. A string of automated systems with local news outlets resulted in articles and tweets being generated warning residents of the threat before the USGS could retract the warnings and explain.


A Fort Worth, TX man was caught shoplifting DVDs from a Wal-Mart by an off-duty police officer dressed as Batman. Among the DVDs was the Lego Batman Movie. After getting a ticket, he asked the “Batman” for a selfie.

The New Hampshire legislature recently amended a law that would have given pregnant women a loophole to commit murder. The law allowed for charges to be brought against anybody causing the death of a fetus over 20 weeks after conception. The wording of a protection for mothers seeking abortions kept pregnant mothers from being charged with murder, but didn’t explicitly state that it was of the fetus. This technically meant a pregnant woman could murder somebody and not be charged with anything. The amended law added in a line specifying the murder of the fetus.

A group of CIA contractors were fired after it was discovered that they had hacked the agency vending machines and gotten away with over $3000 in free snacks over a 6 month period.

  • Man Assumed Dead After Attempting To Have Sex With a Crocodile While On Meth Binge.

Australian authorities are looking for a 26 year old man after friends reported that he was dragged underwater by a crocodile. The friends claimed that he had been on a binge of  “Ice” and was trying to have sex with the croc when it grabbed him. 


     White German Woman Now “Black” After Chemical Tanning

    Model, Martina Big, who has become “famous” for her extreme breast implants, is now turning herself “black” by way of chemical tanning. She receives hormone injections which increase her body’s production of melanin and give her a darker complexion. Although she doesn’t claim to want to identify as being a black person, she does want to get natural black afro hair extensions and surgery to change her nose and lips to more black features.
    Left: White Martina after $60K in surgery. Center: Before surgeries. Right: “Black” Martina 


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