Changing Plans and Changing Podcasts: ODO 186

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Before you freak out at the title, no I’m not changing up this show. At least for the most part. Rather, this week’s Recommended Listening will highlight a few podcasts that have changed since the last time I talked about them. Not much “Florida Man” in this week’s news, but a whole lot of stupid. And we’ve recently had to make a major change in our plans around the house.

Not A Great Time For a Road Trip

If you’ve been listening for the last few weeks, you’d have heard that we’ve been setting up for our annual summer family vacation. Well, under the current circumstances, it’s really not the best for us to take a road trip right now. Long story short, “thanks corona.” Long story slightly longer, we’ve got a lot of family who are pretty high risk, and we don’t want to increase their risk with our road trip germs.

And now for something a little lighter…

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The other night, our youngest decided that he didn’t want to eat his dinner. I had made a pot of pinto beans, (because in a quarantine panic we bought a 25 lb bag of them) and he didn’t like them. And rather than throw a tantrum, like a normal child, he decided that he was going to fart to show how mad he was. Unfortunately for him, all of his pushing did not result in a fart, if you know what I mean…

BS From The News


Never mind the giant burn on the book, but nobody wants your left over hot pocket scuzz from your nasty ass microwave on their book.

I know it’s not really an obvious thought, but he was the most famous Ford Bronco owner in history.

That’s what you get for being fucking stupid fucking poachers.

-Recommended Listening-

These shows have changed things up since the last time I spoke about them. Some more than others.

Bizarre States Is now “The Untold Hour”

The Untold Hour

Brilliant Observations” has changed hosts

Brilliant Observations

“The  Dirty Bits” has flipped name and format to become “Death Is Hilarious”

Death Is Hilarious

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