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Summer is now in full swing, and that means getting the cars ready for vacation. Especially when one of the planned repairs forces your hand. From rental pogo sticks to shoddy land deals, this week’s news is all about poor spending. Lastly, in Recommended Listening, I have what seems to be my most talked about show not featuring John Bukenas. It’s actually time to talk about “Girl in Space.”

Bad Tires

All The Other car stuff

Besides all of the tire stuff, I also need to get my van checked out for the trip. It needs all of the standard stuff: oil change, brakes checked, a/c checked out, top off fluids. You know, the usual. I also have to get the oil changed on the car so we can leave it for my sister while she’s pet sitting for us.
The problem is that, having all of the kids home all day, I can’t exactly just go drop the cars off to get worked on. The only time I can do that is on Saturday mornings before I go to work. Unfortunately I only really have 2 good Saturdays left before our vacation. It’s gonna be a tight one this time.

BS From The News

A startup out of Sweden wants to start a service renting pogo sticks in the same way as people will rent bikes and e-scooters. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never viewed a pogo stick as a mode of transportation. Mostly I just see it as a method of injury.

While at a real estate auction, a Florida man purchased, what he thought to be, a villa for $13,000. It turns out that the land he purchased was actually a 30cm by 30m strip of city-owned land that divided 2 neighboring villas. According to authorities, the man really has no recourse in the matter because all of the details were fully outlined in the documentation of the auction, had he only read it all. Adding insult to injury, the value of the property, is only $50.

A Wisconsin town wants to institute a fine for people appealing maintenance violations in order to curb the number of no-shows at appeal hearings. In order to appeal a fine, home owners must plead their case at the monthly appeal hearing. Unfortunately for the city council, as much as 90% of those filing appeals never show up which is a massive waste of time and energy on the part of the city officials preparing for the hearing. Some city council members suggested the appeal fine as a way of incentivizing people to appear for their appeal hearing because, if they win, they get that fine refunded.

Jackass Of The Week

Man Jumps Off Balcony, Then Sues Hotel For Injuries
A man vacationing in Mallorca, Spain tried to sue the hotel he was staying at claiming he was injured at the pool. The problem is that his broken clavicle and ribs were the result of him stupidly jumping off of his balcony railing. To one up his stupidity, his friends filmed the stunt and had posted it to YouTube. You could say the investigators had a pretty easy time of proving he was lying.

-Recommended Listening-

girl In Space

Girl In Space Podcast

Abandoned on a dying ship in the farthest reaches of known space, a young scientist fights for survival (and patience with the on-board A.I.). Who is she? No one knows. But a lot of dangerous entities really want to find out.

This was another podcast that I had heard of, but had yet to listen to. After being recommended by Emily Prokop, I knew I needed to check it out. I have mentioned how I’ve been getting more and more into audio dramas lately. I’m also a massive nerd at heart, so a sci-fi podcast about a girl stuck on a dilapidated space station is perfect for me.

Nerdery aside, the writing on this show is phenomenal. From the get go, this story takes off with a pace so intense that I’m almost afraid that it could quickly end up burning out before too long. Not to be too spoilery, but the story goes from fixing a button to her being imprisoned in the blink of an eye. On top of that, the character arcs that have come out of only a 12 episode series, at this point, are amazing. And it’s all believable. You understand why every character does what they do, whether you agree with it or not.

Every episode I reached the end and practically screamed “NOOOOO!!! It can’t be over!” I just get sucked in to the story and don’t want it to end. It’s such agony waiting for the next episode But it’s so good, it’s worth any wait to get the next chapter of this amazing story.

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