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After a few abandoned attempts at this episode, I give a much shorter rundown of my experience getting Covid. I throw in an impromptu “What Adam’s Listening To” about “Less Is Morgue.” I plead for your podcast suggestions. And I finally give you my formal review of “The Unwritable Rant.

So yeah I got Covid

I’m not really sure what else to say about it. A couple weeks back I started getting sick. When I looked into my symptoms, it came up as a common cold. Heck, it wasn’t even particularly bad. Really it was more of an annoyance than anything. I had a headache, body ache, stuffy nose, watery eyes, and was mostly just really tired.

For the most part, everything cleared up after a few days except for the headache and fatigue. I had a mild buzzing headache for another week and was generally tired for the whole two week “quarantine” period. Then again, when am I not tired? I threw quotes around quarantine because it really wasn’t a quarantine like everyone thinks because well, we thought I just had a cold at first. After a couple days, everyone in the house was sick, like happens every time anyone in the house gets sick. So nobody was going anywhere just because of that.

Honestly, the only reason I got a Covid test was because my sister, who had come over to wash the dogs when I was first getting sick, had gotten sick as well and tested positive for Covid. Since I was obviously the reason that she got sick, (she also only really experienced a head cold) everyone felt it was best for me to get tested as well. Unfortunately it came up positive, which also meant that everyone in the house had also actually gone through it in the previous week as well.

Unfortunately for my boys, this happened just before they were finally going to return to on-campus school. They actually had only had maybe a month on campus back in the fall, and had been doing full time distance learning since October. So, at this point, they were super excited to get back to school. And they were equally heartbroken to learn that they would have to stay home another two weeks because of us getting Covid, even though nobody was sick anymore. This means that they will only be back on campus for one day before they are off again for spring break. Figures…

-Recommended Listening-

The Unwritable Rant

The Unwritable Rant
Read my full review here

TLDR; It’s just good dirty drunken fun

Look, if you can’t handle dirty words or mature content, this podcast is not for you. And obviously it is NOT family friendly. But if you don’t mind some foul-mouthed tales of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, I guarantee you will enjoy this show. Between the crazy characters, the ridiculous situations, the emotional swings, and the overall good vibes in the stories, there’s no reason not to listen to this show, unless of course you’re a prude. As much as I like the whiskey reviews and interview content as content, I just don’t feel like they necessarily belonged in this podcast with it’s regular stories. Either way, it’s a must listen from me every week. Four stars.

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