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This week: Subaru “FUCKS” up, vagina candles from GOOP, and why you really need to cook your food thoroughly. Plus, updates on the new house, and a possible change for guests and recommendations. And a super special announcement at the end of the show.

BS From The news

At the recent SEMA car show, Subaru unveiled their Subaru “Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition.” Not only that, but they had the name prominently spelled out on the display with nice big capital letters for the Subaru FUCKS edition. Naturally, Subaru corporate released a statement disavowing the naming of the car and noting that it will not be sold in the USA.

GOOP Vagina Candle

Further proof that people will buy anything from celebrities they worship. Actress and lifestyle brand loony, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently released a $75 scented candle called, “This Smells Like My Vagina.” Surprise surprise! It sold out almost immediately. 

Jackass Of The Week

Chinese Man Eats Undercooked Pork, Ends Up With Brain Worms

After suffering from seizures for nearly a month, a construction worker in eastern China finally went to the hospital. A series of MRI scans showed over 700 pork tapeworms in his lungs and brain. This particular type of tapeworm comes directly from eating raw and undercooked pork, which is exactly what this guy did just before his symptoms started.

The lesson here, dear oddballs, cook your fucking food!!

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