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With all the nerdery in the news this week, I decided to take a break from my normal ramblings and nerd out a little bit. This week saw trailers dropped for the upcoming Disney sequel, “Mary Poppins Returns.” We also got the first trailer for the next film from Marvel studios, “Captain Marvel.” And finally we got an announcement that Netflix would be working with the show’s original creators to make a live-action series of “Avatar: The Last Air Bender.” I take a small sidebar to inform you of a tragedy that struck a podcasting brother in the form of Hurricane Florence. And last but certainly not least, in Recommended Listening, I actually talk about a show that I edit. (No I’m not being paid to do it either.) This week’s feature goes to “Leap Like Me” with Lisa Hoashi.


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Mary Poppins Returns Trailer



Captain Marvel Trailer




Avatar: The Last Airbender Getting Live Action Show On Netflix




-Recommended Listening-
Leap Like Me

Leap Like Me

Leap Like Me with Lisa Hoashi is a weekly podcast about the leaps people take in life to go after what they really want. Their leaps include taking a sabbatical; a radical career change; launching a creative or entrepreneurial project; and moving somewhere new. Here they share their biggest fears, obstacles, surprises and payoffs when they took their leap.


-Promos and Shoutouts-

Who’s Right Podcast

Donate to the Go Fund Me For Doug

Doug from the Who’s Right podcast needs our help. Doug and his family live in North Carolina and they were lucky enough to escape Hurricane Florence to the safety of Virginia.

He was informed that everything he owned was taken by the hurricane. His home is 100% underwater due to the surge of the ocean and his family lost everything. Insurance will not cover his loss and he and his family are without a place to live, lost three cars, furniture, and are financially devastated by the storm.



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