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Man! When it rains, it pours. In this case, I’m flooded with new opportunities in voice acting for podcasts. Of course, that wont keep me from bitching about douchebag grooms and pre-infected tissues. And I swear I featured this show before, but I can’t remember when. I’m talking about “Poplar Cove.”

I’ve got Voice Acting Work!

I have talked about my side business as a podcast editor and my aspirations as a voice actor in the past. I’ve even voiced some parts for a few other podcasts. Well, in the last couple days I have managed to get parts in 2 different audio drama podcasts.

Tuesday morning I responded to a facebook post looking for actors for a new audio drama podcast that is getting started. To my glee, I was picked to be a part of the show, and, at least in this first episode, I’m actually playing the lead. No pressure.

Later that night, Jocelyn Devore, creator of Poplar Cove, announced that she was beginning work on season 2 of the podcast (after waaaay too long) and is looking for voice actors. Now I have been poking and prodding her about season 2 for some time. I’ve also made my desire to be a part of the show very known. So when she said she was looking for voices, my hand shot right up, and she told me she’ll get with me this weekend about what she’s got for me. (Excuse me while I do a happy dance.)

No, neither of these roles are paying gigs. I don’t really care. These are opportunities to get to do voice acting on a scale I have yet to do, and to be a part of something awesome. And as a fan of Poplar Cove in particular I am extra excited to be any part of the new season.

Now to finish work on this podcast, record an interview, record all my lines for one show, oh yeah, and make dinner and go to work. Busy busy busy…

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