Snowballing From Monsoons to Letterkenny and Back Again: ODO 224

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The snowball that is my train of thought is all over the place this week, and for some reason I keep starting off by talking about the weather…

Naturally, talk of the weather rolls into a little chat about the side effects of having such an active monsoon season, like my yard getting overgrown and the damage on our local tree population. This then rolls gracefully into garden talk and about how it’s almost September and that it’s been nearly a year with my truck and we’re still working on getting things fixed to get it legal in this state. Of course, talk of fixing the truck then turns to why our garage renovations have been delayed and how my wife keeps buying hanging racks for me to install in the garage. And, with one of those shelf purchases she also bought me my very first KitchenAid stand mixer, which of course gets me talking about pizza and baking cookies.

Then the snowball starts rolling back into the garage renovations and about tools for doing it, but that is dependent on getting the truck fixed so I can finish clearing it all out. But first things first, I have to get the monsoon growth cleaned up in my yard so I can start planting my fall garden…

In a modified “Recommended Listening” segment, I talk about some TV that I’ve been watching lately including “Harley Quinn” on HBO Max and “Letterkenny” on Hulu.
I’ve also recently checked out the new podcast from, friend of the show, Paul Csomo, “Avast.” If you are familiar with the “Varmints” podcast, imagine that style but talking about pirates. There aren’t a lot of episodes yet, so I will reserve a full review for later.

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Avast! A historical, educational and comedic look at life on the high seas.

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