Robot Sharks and Ceiling Fans: ODO 173

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This week, I decided to flex my daddy DIY skills and install a few ceiling fans in the house. Unfortunately I’ve never actually done it before, and my arms are sore AF. Ironically, while I’m being so productive in one way, I’m also being lazy because we just bought a robot vacuum. And I give some updates on some changes coming to the show.


I’ve decided to keep the podcast at it’s current home of That’s mostly because I’m pretty sure changing it will break every link I’ve shared for the show in the last 2 years.

ODO Voice Pro will eventually get built into a home page for all of my various endeavors under the ODO brand. (Excuse me I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.) This will obviously include the podcast, but also podcast editing at ODO Voice Productions, voice acting, audiobook narration and all that fun stuff I do.

For the time being, I am going to drop the “BS From The News” segment from the show. Among other reasons, it is the one part of the show that causes me the most stress and work. I’ve also gotten some feedback regarding how I cover some things and, as much as I’m kind of an asshole, I’m not that kind of asshole.

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