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Spring has sprung, at least in Arizona, and I’m definitely feeling it. I can’t really say the same for the rest of the country. The news has been pretty random this week. No real theme, just lots of oddity. I’ve got Tarantula burgers, bad jokes, and even a couple drug smugglers. And in “Recommended Listening” it’s time to look back at our childhood with “Now That I’m Older.”


-BS From The News-


  • Restaurant Serves Tarantula Burger

A North Carolina restaurant is currently offering up a $30 burger made from pasture-raised North Carolina beef, gruyere cheese, and an oven-roasted tarantula  topped with spicy chili sauce. If you want to try the spider sandwich, you must enter a raffle and be selected to get one. If you successfully eat the tarantula burger, you get a t-shirt.


A London man, outraged with the extreme price of train tickets, bought a used car to drive 100 miles to visit a friend. The car, insurance, fuel, and taxes, actually cost a few dollars less than the over $300 train ticket.


A North Carolina teen continued to play the viral online game “Fortnite” as a tornado ravaged his neighborhood. He did manage to get his sister and nephew sheltered inside a bathroom, but he still continued playing his game.


A Planet Fitness location in Michigan was evacuated after a patron, attempting to connect to wifi, found a network labeled “remote detonator.” The manager called authorities who evacuated and searched the building. Ultimately it was just a gag name for a wifi network.


A memo from Apple, warning employees about leaking company information was leaked to the media. The memo described crackdowns on leakers, including 12 arrests over leaked information.



-Jackass Of The Week-


Canadian Women Who Documented “Cocaine Cruise” On Instagram Sentenced To Prison

Two women from Canada were sentenced to prison in Australia after being convicted of trafficking $16 million in cocaine in suitcases aboard a luxury cruise around the world. They chronicled their trip around the world on Instagram, which lead authorities right to them. They had been offered free passage aboard the cruise liner and spending money in exchange for transporting the drugs.



-Recommended Listening-

Now that I’m Older


Now That Im Older“Now That I’m Older is a show that examines how getting old sucks but can be awesome at the same time. It delves into how things were awesome when we were younger and how they’ve changed now. Every Thursday your hosts Shane and Kenny discuss weird news, tell personal stories and basically make fun of the world around us.”



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