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I’ve been sick. That’s about it. Long story short, I had a wicked cough last week that was kicking my ass and I just didn’t have the energy to record. Fast forward to this Tuesday and I wake up with a very familiar pain. My bronchitis had flared up and I could hardly get out of bed. And I get around to the news I promised last week..

Bronchitis Is A Bitch
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So, I spent about 15 years as a restaurant manager. In that time I ingested more than my fair share of smoke, grease, and toxic cleaning vapors. The side effect of that was that it jacked up my lungs and I began suffering from regular bouts with bronchitis. I’ve been out of that industry for nearly 5 years now, but the damage has been done. Every year, usually in the winter, I get a flare up. Technically I made it through 2018 without one, but it’s barely 3 weeks in to 2019 and here we are.

Fortunately after having dealt with this for so many years, I know the signs of a real flare up and I know which treatments work on me and which ones don’t. I have had just about every cough medicine the doctors could give me, and of all of them, the only thing that works are these tiny gold gel things called Tessalon. I’ve been given codeine before and the only way that stuff keeps you from coughing is by knocking you out cold.

The last time I had a flare up, the notorious cough of November 2017 during NAPODPOMO, I was left with 2 cracked ribs. This time, literally at the first sign of trouble, namely a stabbing pain in my back and chest, we hit the web Dr. and got my medications set up and started that morning. By the evening I was no longer in pain. I’m not gonna lie, the meds suck. I have to take 3 different medications and use an inhaler, but this is the first time I haven’t been laid over by this for a week. And as much as it sucks to have to go back to work so soon, I’d rather have to do that, than be strung out in bed coughing up my lungs.

BS From The News
  • Man Bedridden After Selling Kidney To Buy An iPhone
    • Back in 2011, a young Chinese man sold his kidney on the black market in order to buy the latest iPhone to show off to his friends. He was paid about $3000 for his kidney which he used to buy an iPhone and iPad. But, shortly after the surgery, he developed an infection, and his other kidney began to fail. Although the doctors and gang members that facilitated the surgery and sale of his kidney were eventually arrested and jailed, the man is now completely bedridden and requires a dialysis machine to live.
  • Teen Crashes Car While Doing the “Bird Box” Challenge
    • If you don’t know what the “Bird Box” Challenge is, lucky you. Long story short, it entails performing ordinary tasks while blindfolded. Of course, eventually a stupid teenager thought it would be cool to try this while driving, and, obviously, managed to crash her SUV into another truck. JESUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER WILL PEOPLE STOP DOING THESE “CHALENGES!”
-Jackass Of The Week-
Logan Paul Claims He Plans To “Go Gay” For A Month

Professional idiot and YouTuber, Logan Paul recently said on his podcast that, among other monthly challenges he has planned, he intends to “go gay” for the month of March. Naturally, this lead to more than a little heat thrown his way on social media from the LGBTQ community and anyone with more than 2 brain cells. In his defense, (and believe me the thought of defending him makes me gag) he later admitted that it was a poor choice of words and invited a member of GLAAD to come on his show to discuss it. I would say that it is an honest mistake of a thing to say, but this guy has a whole team of people who work for him. Somewhere somebody had to say, “Dude people are gonna get pissed, maybe you should cut that out.” But then again, this is the same jackass who filmed a dead body in a forest, released it to his YouTube channel, AND STILL ASKED PEOPLE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE IN IT!!

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