Nerds, Comedy, and Sports Injuries w/ Adam Nutter

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It’s that time again. Time for someone to invite somebody on for a conversation that can only be had with my scrambled brain. This month I have, from Nerds With Words and Drop Tent Media, Adam Nutter. We spend a ton of time talking about comedy. Whether it’s standup comedians or comedy films, we’ve got opinions. Somehow we end up talking sports, and how at our age, we both suck. Plus tons of tangents and randomness because, frankly, we both have brain damage. Enjoy!

Adam Nutter

Adam Nutter

Adam Nutter is a former New York City policeman and former MMA fighter. Long story short, a lot of head injuries leave him unable to either of those things. Now he’s a stand up comic in Philadelphia and an all around nerd. Whether it’s comics, video games, movies, or sports, he has an opinion about it.

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