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Hey! I’m here this week and I sound like complete crap. Long story short, I’ve been sick and my voice is shot, but I didn’t want to miss another week. That being said, it’s a shorter show. No Jackass of the Week, but I do get into what’s had me so busy recently and what I really do love about being a podcast editor. Plus I wrap up with the week’s Recommended Listening feature, Play Comics.


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I know I sound like crap

Long story not as short, I’ve been sick. One of the perks of parenthood, your kids bring home something from school and everyone at home gets sick. I’ve been fighting with this crud since late last week, and when I woke up this morning my voice was gone. But I don’t care. I already missed last week on account of it just being a crappy show, so I decided I’m going to fight through it so that you don’t forget the sound of my voice. Or maybe you will forget what I’m supposed to sound like after listening to this episode. I don’t know.

We went to a concert

Since I mentioned it on the last actual episode I felt like I should at least tell you about the concert my wife and I went to a couple weeks ago. We got a great deal on tickets to see Lindsey Stirling and Evanescence. Because we’re nice like that, we also took my sisters and one of my nieces along with us. I will admit that I’ve actually been a huge Evanescence fan since they first broke out when I was in high school. I will actually say that I am a bigger fan of their music than either my wife or sisters. But my sisters were really there more for Lindsey Stirling who, if you didn’t know, is a hip hop violinist, an Arizona native, and was on “America’s Got Talent” way back in the day. The show was great and included a full symphony accompanying them for both sets and was thoroughly enjoyable, even if the guitars were mixed waaaaayy low for Evanescence. (Personal pet peeve.)

My wife found out I’m making real money editing podcasts

I’ve been editing podcasts as a sort of “hired gun” for about 3 months now. It hasn’t been a ton of money, but it has allowed me to do things like order magnets and business cards. I’ve been able to order some more podcast swag and financially support my podcast and some of my friends’ as well. But she never actually knew how much money I made doing it. I recently took on 2 clients of my own and when I told her how much money I would be making from them, on top of my “hired gun” work, she seemed quite surprised. She thought I was making maybe $10-$20 per show, which is way too low, and I’m not gonna say by how much. As far as editors go, I’m cheap, but I’m not that cheap. So we got to have the discussion of what I am going to do with the money and the household budget and taxes and all that fun stuff that I knew would eventually have to come up. On the positive side, my business is picking up.

Someone suggested I have a co-host

If you were a listener way back in the single digit episodes I mentioned that I wanted to get a co-host for the show. I wanted to have someone that I could bounce ideas off of and crack jokes and all that bit. Unfortunately I have 4 kids and that makes scheduling of podcasting difficult enough without having to contend with having someone else to consider. On top of that, I really don’t know of anybody that I could see being a part of this show as it is now. It really is so much of an exploration of my life and my head that I just don’t know how it would work. Maybe on another show…

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I really like making others happy

Not that I didn’t already know this, but my growth as a podcast editor has reminded me of how much joy I get from making others happy. When a client gives me their rough files and an idea and I give them back a polished complete podcast, the joy that they have when they hear it finally put together just warms my heart so much. I wouldn’t say that I’m a “people pleaser.” You could almost say that I’m co-dependent, in a way.  I make jokes and do things to make others feel better because making others happy makes me happy. I love making people laugh. I constantly make stupid jokes because even the lamest joke can still get a chuckle. And sometimes when you’re not having the best day, you really just need to laugh. The same goes for my podcast production. I love helping people bring their podcast vision to life. When I can take the ideas in their heads and turn them into reality, they light up with what we have created together, and that is such a great feeling. So how is it that I can be such a snarky ass and still get joy from making people happy? What can I say? I’m a complex person.

-Recommended Listening-
Play Comics
Play Comics

Play Comics

Play Comics is a show that looks at video games based on comic properties and how faithful those games stay to the source material.

Do you realize how many video games are based on comic book characters? If you think movies have superhero overload, try looking at the video game industry once in a while. And Chris from Play Comics covers them all. He tackles the connections between video games and the comic book origins and discusses how close the games come to the source material, as well as if it really matters in some games. I will admit to being a low level video game and comic nerd. I have passable knowledge in those areas, but Chris knows his stuff and can dig deep to really pick apart why this character had to do that thing in that game. Or he can tell you why the entire plot of that game is complete garbage from a comic perspective. So if you are even marginally in to comics and video games, give Play Comics a listen.

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