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This week we started the daunting task of deep cleaning our entire house. Can you tell I’m excited? In the news, I’ve got a very unlucky fisherman, and a brand new vodka from a rather unusual source. Plus, a full update on our fall/winter garden.

Spring Cleaning In The Fall

bitmoji juggling cleaning tasks

With the holiday season upon us, we, and by “we” I mean my wife, came to realize that we have not done a serious deep clean of our house in the two years that we’ve lived here. So, this week “we” decided that it would be a good idea to really go through and, not only clean, but reorganize, every room in the house. This includes completely reorganizing the office, completely emptying and rearranging the pantry, steam cleaning the kitchen cabinets, stove, and walls, sorting through all of the boys’ toys, and *gasp* cleaning out our closet.

Of course, our goal is to have everything done by Christmas, so we’re not in a mad dash to do everything immediately. But we really only have weekends to get most things done, so we do have to hustle a bit. At the same time, there are still regular chores to do, like washing laundry and dishes, and taking care of the garden, and doing regular maintenance on the cars. Not to mention that I have to fly out to Texas over Thanksgiving weekend to pick up some things left to us by my late father-in-law. No rush on everything, but maybe we do need to pick up the pace a little bit.

Fall Veggies Are Growing

We are well into the autumn growing season in Arizona. I know I’ve said this before, but probably one of the best things about having a garden in Phoenix is the fact that you can grow vegetables pretty much year-round. And personally, I tend to get better results from my fall/winter garden than I do in the spring/summer.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in full green bean harvest mode. Every few days I have to go out and pick all of the fresh beans from our bushes. And the thing is, the more you pick, the more it produces. So I’m going to need to figure out what I’m going to do with all these beans pretty soon.

Speaking of high output vegetables, my cucumbers have started fruiting. At least, they would be if I had any bees around to pollinate the flowers. I’ve had upwards of a dozen cucumber buds that have sprouted in the last week, but without any pollination, they just keep shriveling up. I think I need to get some more flowers in the yard.

My potato patch has taken off. Of the 7 potatoes I planted, 6 of them have sprouted and are doing quite well. I imagine I’ll have a pretty healthy crop of little potatoes in the coming months.

This year’s popcorn crop is looking promising. Although we did lose 4 of the initial plants that sprouted after a wind storm, the remaining 8 have taken off quite well. Unfortunately, there have been a number of pests that have taken a pretty healthy beating to some of the bigger stalks. But I’m happy to report that we have at least a half dozen ears showing their silks, and just as many stalks with their pollen tassels ready as well.

Finally, my shady bed with the celery, carrots, and lettuce is doing very well. I’ve had to prune back and pick a few full heads of romaine just to keep them from getting overgrown. And, the carrots and celery are really starting to look like the vegetables they are. Too bad they won’t be ready to eat for a few more months.

green beans, basil, dill, and lettuce in a basket
fresh picked green beans, dill, basil, and romaine lettuce

BS From The News

A fisherman in Brazil drowned after jumping in a lake  to escape a swarm of bees. His body was heavily feasted upon by a school of piranhas before finally washing up on shore. Authorities do not know if the piranhas attacked before or after the man’s death.

Arby’s restaurants will be launching a pair of 80-proof flavored vodkas inspired by their signature curly fries and crinkle cut fries. The vodkas will only be available in limited supply on November 18th and 22nd, 2021 and only in select states or at

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