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So you know how I mentioned my wife being sick during Foodstock? Now that plague has spread across our boys. Speaking of plague, the news brings tales of why you should be more careful about what you eat. And finally, in Recommended Listening, its time to learn some cool stuff.
I’m talking about “Your Brain On Facts.”

Another Round Of Plague

A few weeks ago my wife came down with what I can only call a viciously wicked cough paired with a 101 degree fever. It wasn’t really full blown flu, just the fever and a throat scraping, lung removing cough. Of course, sickness never stays put in a house with 4 kids and it has slowly been creeping through them. First, Damien missed almost a whole week of school. Now I’ve had Bug and Sam sleeping in my bed and coughing their heads off for the last couple nights.
Somehow I’ve managed to avoid actually catching this thing for the time being. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

BS From The News

In recent years there has been a trend of women consuming the placenta from their babies after giving birth. Supporters claim a number of health benefits including reducing post-partum depression and increased lactation. Actual doctors have been saying for years that there are no identified benefits, and there’s actually a noticeable risk of infection. Placenta can contain Streptococcus bacteria and viruses such as HIV and hepatitis.

A couple in Mongolia died from bubonic plague after consuming raw marmot meat and organs. This also resulted in a quarantine that left 118 villagers and tourists trapped for 6 days.

Jackass Of The Week

  • Class Action Lawsuit Claims Cocoa Pebbles Contain No “Real” Cocoa

People are suing the makers of the various “Pebbles” cereals because the labeling and marketing say that they are made with “real cocoa.” The claimants interpret this as meaning that the cereals are made with pure unadulterated cocoa powder.  According to the ingredient label, the cereals are made with “cocoa processed with alkali” which, according to those complaining, is not “real cocoa.” 

-Recommended Listening-

Your Brain On Facts

Your Brain On Facts

Things you didn’t know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew.
Imagine a Venn diagram where the podcasts “Good Job, Brain!” and “Lore” overlap with the “Today I Found Out” and “CineFix” YouTube channels. That’s “Your Brain on Facts.”

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