Busy Days, Bad Coke, and Black Adam: ODO 226

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I’m all over the place this week. But what’s new about that? I’m finally doing our garage renovations. I’m scrambling to make french toast. I’m Live taste testing a Dreamworld Coca Cola. And I’m reviewing “Black Adam.” Of course there’s also a very packed “Bullshit From The News,” with more groans than you can shake an overpriced government program at…

Bullshit From The News

Black Adam Review

In so many words, “Black Adam” is just dumb superhero fun. Don’t expect too much from it, because there isn’t much there. It has juuuust enough story to tell you what the fuck is happening. And it tells you juuuust enough about the characters to make you give a shit about most of them. And it has some pretty good actions scenes.

Unfortunately, it barely skates by with any of that. By virtue of being based on a comic book character, this movie comes with certain expectations. And it fails at every one of those. It’s seriously like Dwayne Johnson didn’t actually know anything about Black Adam. They make him out as a tortured soul anti-hero, where in the comics he is much more the typical power hungry super-villain. Atom Smasher is pointless. Cyclone is pointless. Which makes the little romance sub-plot with them extra pointless. Hawkman is a monumental dick. Dr. Fate is pretty cool, but they blatantly copied way too many sequences from the Dr. Strange movies. The final villain is kinda shoehorned in to give Black Adam someone more evil to fight. And it blatantly ignores just about everything about his origin and powers from the source material. Add on top of that, that the Rock cannot act. He’s just playing the Rock in different situations. This time he has super powers. That’s it.

But all of that could be excused, if it weren’t for the gawdawful ADR, especially by the kid. Seriously, every time the kid is talking, it’s like watching an old Godzilla movie. His voice doesn’t match up to his expression at all. It seriously looks and sounds like they have someone just mouthing the words and then overdubbed him. It takes me out of the movie so much more than I thought possible. And honestly, for everyone in the movie, nobody talks like that. Unless it is just part of how they talk in this fictional city/country, everyone’s speech patterns are just fucking weird.

Overall, it’s a decent, “turn your brain off” superhero action movie that will easily be forgotten as soon as you’re finished watching it. SFX are pretty good. Acting is trash for everyone but Pierce Brosnan (Dr. Fate) and maybe Quintessa Swindell (Cyclone.) Give it a watch. Just don’t expect high cinema. 2 stars.

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