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I’m rewinding a bit to talk about my birthday, and more accurately the gifts I got for my birthday and Yule (spoilers it’s coffee.) In Recommended Listening I’m doing another little rewind to the other show from previous guest, Derek, from the Sometimes Geek podcast. with Rolling Misadventures. Finally in the Jackass of the Week, I’ve got a guy who lied about his age so bad, I don’t know what’s worse, him or the people who fell for it.

Goodbye Perry

On January 2, 2019, Perry Johnson passed away after an 8 month battle with cancer. Perry was a loving husband, father, and friend to so many and was nothing but a ray of light, even when things looked dark. He was a dear friend to so many in the podcasting world, and I only wish that i could have gotten to know him better and meet him personally. Goodbye Perry. Your pain is finally over.

You can find his obituary here.

Please help support his wife Lindsay and keep a roof over her head and food on her table in this time of need.

Contribute to the Go Fund Me

Or donate directly via Paypal

Holidays and Coffee
Death Wish Coffee

So if you know me, you know that I am what could be described as a HEAVY coffee drinker. Honestly I’m a 2 pots a day kind of guy. But, believe it or not, I don’t only drink coffee. Despite this, every year at holidays and birthdays, invariably, someone buys me a bag of coffee. This year it happened to be my wife, because when in doubt, buy Adam coffee. But this time she got something extra special. For Yule, she bought me two different varieties of coffee from Death Wish Coffee Co. She got me both the original, and the Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend. Plus for my birthday she got me a nice adjustable burr grinder to go with them.

-Recommended Listening-

Rolling Misadventures
Rolling Misadventures

A podcaster collaboration creating short form audio drama with a real play style show playing Fiasco.

I had heard of this Rolling Misadventures, naturally, because I am a friend of the host, Derek, from his other show Sometimes Geek. As I’ve never been a fan of tabletop roll playing games, I didn’t really both listening to it. That is until he came on the show and described it. If you don’t know what Fiasco is, it really doesn’t matter. Understanding the “game” element of the show is not necessary to enjoy it, unlike so many other real play type shows where you may be completely lost. Since they complete a story in only 2 episodes, it is very easy to just jump right in to a new story without having to listen back to a year of episodes to follow the story. To me it is just like listening to a series of improv scenes that happen to make up a single story. Then the game injects different rules for them to follow in those scenes to progress the story. I have really gotten to enjoy this way more than I expected to. If you dig improv comedy storytelling, you need to check out this podcast.

-Jackass Of The Week-
16 Year Old Soccer Star Turns Out To Be 28

A player in the Indian Super League, who held the record as the youngest scorer in the league, has been suspended for lying about his age. Turns out the player, who claimed to be 16, appears to actually be 28. Looking at his picture all I can say is, NO F***ING DUH!!

Really guys, I’m only 16…

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The Story Behind
Sometimes Geek

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