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Ever have one of those days, where you brain just fritzes out and you don’t remember what you were gonna say? That’s me today. I do have some weird news though, including some creative political ads, an ironic act of arson, and some people who are just too sensitive about stuff. Lastly, it’s time for the 3rd Annual Livestream For The Cure.

Brain Fry

Have you ever had one of those days where you just completely forget what you were supposed to be doing? That’s me today. I know I had a few things to talk about for the show this week, but for the life of me I can’t remember any of it. I should probably really start writing these things down. Then again, if I did that, then you wouldn’t get these sort of episodes. Let’s see where this goes together. Shall we?

Ignorance Was Bliss

I was on Episode 134 of Ignorance Was Bliss. Officially we talked about having Olympic medals for asshattery. Then again, this is me we’re talking about so the conversation went all over the place.
Take a listen for yourself.

BS From The News

An “adult shop” in Dublin was forced to remove posters from their front display windows that showed women in school girl outfits similar to those from the Britney Spears video for “Oops, I Did It Again.” Complainants claimed that the images “objectified women” and had no place being visible on a public street. 

*It could be worse. There could have been a display of sex toys in the window.

A Danish politician took out campaign ads on popular porn website Pornhub. His logic: Be where the voters are, and that includes the porn sites.

*That is some out of the box campaign thinking right there.

A pile of several hundred shipping pallets, intended for a bonfire, was set on fire by unknown persons ahead of their intended use. Authorities are investigating the fire as arson. Organizers are now asking for donations to help rebuild their bonfire.

*So they’re investigating someone setting fire to a bonfire… got it.

Jackass Of The Week

Audience Member Calls 911 After Comedian Makes “Middle Eastern” Joke

During a comedy show in Naples, FL, an audience member actually called police after comedian Ahmed Ahmed made a joke about the number of middle eastern people in the audience. Ahmed, who is middle eastern, asked how many other middle eastern people were in the audience, and he joked that there were enough to start a terrorist organization.

*It’s called comedy. What are you doing at a middle eastern comic’s show if you’re gonna get scared by a joke. It’s a joke. It’s a joke! IT’S A JOKE!! 

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Livestream For The Cure

It’s time for the third annual Livestream for the Cure for the Cancer Research Institute. Last year our generous fans and listeners and podcast partners helped us raise over $5,000 for Cancer Research. After this was doubled by CRI we ended up with well over $10,000. We also raised $780 for Perry and Lindsay Johnson after we had reached our goal to help them with their medical bills and financial issues related to Perry’s cancer diagnosis.
The 3rd Annual Livestream for the Cure will be held from May 17th through the 19th, and we’ll be live for FORTY hours as we try to hit our biggest goal yet and raise $7,500. You can find the event live at https://twitch.tv/epicfilmguys and will include dozens of fellow content creators and podcasters who are joining us to reach this common goal. 
We will be live for 40 hours from the following times (all are EST):

May 17th: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM 
May 18th: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM
May 19th: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Click for the facebook event and full schedule
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