Tales of Corona and Cowdogs: ODO 189

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This week I’ve got a couple stories for you. First off, I got tested for Corona this week. I’m still waiting on the results by the way. That has lead me to part two where I’m spending my evenings reading “Hank The Cowdog” to my boys. Plus, this week’s garden update brought to you by Hank himself.

Covid testing

If you’re curious about how my experience getting tested for Covid went, I wrote more about it here. Or, you know, you can just listen to the episode…

Bedtime stories

Part of me being home while I wait on my Covid test results is that now I’m home at bedtime. And for some reason, the boys have decided that they want us to read to them. My wife and I were supposed to be alternating nights reading, but that quickly, and I mean like after the first night, turned into me reading to them every night. And on that first night she picked out one of the “Hank the Cowdog” books.

Hank the Cowdog

I’ve never been one to be thrilled with reading to the boys at night. Mostly because they always wanted to hear the same stories over and over and I’m usually tired at that point and want to rest myself. But the “Hank” books are new to me and the boys seem to enjoy them. It’s also been a great exercise for me as I’ve wanted to get into narrating audiobooks. Every night I’m having to jump back in to the adventures of Hank as he navigates the latest mystery on the ranch. And I also have to manage not only to create distinct voices for each character in the story (I still can’t keep Pete the cat’s voice straight) but also to do it all on a cold read. I’ve never read any of these books before, so I’m doing it all on the fly, and I’m having a blast.

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