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It’s Guest of the Month time! For February, here to talk about the March 2019 Sunshine Summit, I’ve got Heather Welch from “Sunshine and Powercuts.” This time around there is a much wider variety of guests. We go in to some of the familiar returning faces, and learn a little about all of the new guests that you may not have heard of before. And of course I throw us off course, but we bring it all together in the end.

Sunshine Summit: March 2019

From March 9- 16, 2019 Sunshine & PowerCuts, in association with Geeks Rising, are proud to present the March 2019 Sunshine Summit.
A week of livestreams bringing people together from around the world to recognize and celebrate connections with content creators. To learn from their experiences of making connections including the challenges they faced.
To celebrate the connections they have and our connection with them, and to provide an opportunity to create new opportunities for those who participate live and catch the replay afterwards.

Hosted By
Heather Welch- Sunshine and Powercuts

Heather hosts the podcast “Sunshine and Powercuts,”
A New Zealand based Podcast featuring two types of episodes that alternate to share inspiration drawn from nature and insights into life living off-the-power-grid.

Paul Csomo- Varmints

Paul co-hosts the Varmints podcast with Donna Hume. It’s an education/comedy podcast that’s all about animals to educate the hosts and you the listener on all things that creep, crawl, slither, fly, hop and swim on this planet one animal at a time.

Ducky McDuckson

Ducky McDuckson, also known as Angry Ducky and Princeps Anas of The Duckracy,
creates Let’s Play videos. He streams them to Twitch and edits the video for YouTube. You’ll find an RPG experience and some quacking on the way. Ducky makes a walkthrough of various games with RPG elements and shares an informed opinion afterwards.

Jim Collison- AverageGuy.TV

Through Home Gadget Geeks Jim covers all your favorite tech that finds it’s way into your home. There are news, reviews, product updates and conversation, all for the Average Guy, Live each week.
Jim is also a regular co-host of Ask the Podcast Coach with Dave Jackson.

Stephanie Fuccio

Steph is an American who has been living overseas for the majority of the past 14 years.
Since moving to Asia in 2003, she has lived in Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and am now Shanghai, China. 
Virtual Expats – Do our geographic changes effect our online presence?
Changing Scripts – Mandarin Chinese language geek dive exploring the language learning process and beautiful idiosyncrasies of language.
Expat Rewind – Focuses on expat reflections
At the heart of all of these projects is a desire to share language and culture and quite often, where they intersect.

Win Charles- Ask Win

Win Kelly Charles, a woman with cerebral palsy (CP), author and podcaster who hosts the show Ask Win – an interview-based show where she interviews all sorts of people to share their stories and raise awareness of CP.
She co-hosts A Diary of a Fashionista with a friend who has a different type of CP and through this podcast aims to teach their listeners about CP.
Win aims to be a champion of CP.
Ask Win Website
Ask Win Twitter
WinKellyCharles Twitter

Mark Diaz- Mark’s Movie Collection

“Mark is an IT guy, dad, and generally poor nerd with limited movie experience and he’s going to explain who he is, with regards to movies, so that there’s some context when he starts talking about the movies he has in his collection.” –Mark, Pilot Episode of Mark’s Movie Collection.
Mark dives into the themes & techniques of the films he watches and shares his analysis of them.

Adela Mizrachi- Podcast Brunch Club

Adela founded Podcast Brunch Club (PBC), a community of engaged podcast listeners.
Like Book Club, But For Podcasts
PBC chapters meet in face-to-face and discuss that month’s podcasts, because it occurred to Adela how solitary podcast listening is.
There are in-person chapters in 50+ cities across 5 continents!

Nick Haskins- Livestream For The Cure

Nick is co-host of the Epic Film Guys podcast along with the RestauRant podcast.
He is also one of the co-founders of the Livestream For The Cure, an annual marathon livestream charity event to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute.

Dean and Nath- Regen E Racing

Dean & Nath love motorsport and met through watching formula E and talking about podcasts.
In their podcast they cover news, previews, race reviews, and more.

Chris Osborne- Play Comics

While watching Marvel cartoons, Chris & his wife Kayleigh started talking about how the shows were condensing story lines and characters.
He’d grown up playing all of these video games about super heroes without reading much of the comics. So he decided to go back and see how faithful the games had stayed to the source material.
Chris and Kayleigh co-host the Meddling Kids: A Scooby-Doo Podcast.

Tricia and Siana- 2 Girls On A Bench

The friendship connection between Tricia and Siana helps motivate them to keep creative, to be kind to themselves and encourage risk taking.
They include and engage with their audience, or “Benchlings!” as they are called, through their Facebook Group and monthly Bench Write Club.
Relatebly, these ladies are striving to be creative while balancing kids/family/life. And they often say they “procrastinate” with their writing, but really it’s about making time.

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