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Once again I’m behind this week on account of my being easily distracted by different things. I’ve been trying out recording music and building a new website for the show (which was a total bust.) The news brings in oblivious archaeologists, militant vegans, and some people seriously manipulating their faith. I drop in a little #NiceGuyAdam segment, and in lieu of a podcast feature, I’m talking about the Livestream For The Cure 2.0 coming up May 18-20.




Researches at Sydney University found human remains in a supposedly empty coffin that had been in storage for nearly 150 years. The remains appear to be approximately 2500 years old and are currently being studied to determine who they belonged to.


When a group of vegans continued to protest the Toronto restaurant, Antler, which among other things serves wild game, the owner of the restaurant decided to make a creative anti-protest. The owner set up a carving station in the restaurants front window table and proceeded to carve a whole deer leg in front of the protesters. After cooking it, he sat down at the same table to eat it.
An ex-waiter, fired from a Vancouver restaurant has filed a human rights claim against his former employers for discrimination against his French culture. He claims that the more honest and expressive demeanor of the French culture is misinterpreted as rudeness and firing him over it is cultural discrimination. The judge in the case is willing to hear arguments, if only to allow him to justify how his French heritage justifies what is deemed as unacceptable behavior.

“Sweet Jesus Ice Cream,” a Toronto based ice cream parlor chain is being protested, once again, by Christian groups claiming that the name is offensive. This time they are taking it one step further and describing it as “hate speech” against Christians. The shop’s name is derived from the exclamation, “Sweet Jesus!” which was used to describe it’s ice cream in it’s early days. The company claims that there is no other meaning or malice behind the name.

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Woman Crashes Into Pole To Prove That God Is Real

A woman in Georgia crashed her SUV into a concrete pole to prove to her 2 children, in the car, that God is real. According to the children, she told them that if they had faith, that God would protect them. And then she told them to buckle their seat belts as she drive straight into a concrete pole. She has been arrested on child endangerment charges, and the children were placed in their grandmother’s care.


Thank you to Perry and Lindsay Johnson from Hello Life WTF and The Pod Stuff for the awesome stickers and card. Also thank you to everybody who has sent in their clips and questions for Episode 100 coming up. Deadline to get them in is March 31st, 2018. Email odddadout@gmail.com with your AMA questions or audio clips.
Finally, David the Producer and Juliette Miranda from “The Unwritable Rant” are raising money for charity through the sale of their Unwritable Rant flasks. For every flask sold, they will donate $5 to Stomp Out Bullying, a cause very near and dear to the usually tough as nails Juliette. So do your part and buy a flask and help put a stop to bullying.
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Last year, with the help of the Cancer Research Institute, our Livestream for the Cure raised nearly $2500 to fight against cancer. I lost my mother-in-law last year from complications from cancer a month before the event, and I lost a very good friend of mine when he was in his early twenties from a rare form of cancer. I am determined to do good in the world and to work as hard as I can to raise money for this terrific organization to fight against cancer. This year, we’re expanding the event from May 18th – 20th and doing 30 hours of livestream content to try to reach $5,000 and beyond. Please visit the event page for information on guests and programming. Follow us on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/livestream4cure for event updates and news. By April we’ll have event-branded merchandise with all proceeds going to the event as well. If you’re not able to make the event, please make an early donation and help us reach our goal. Join us May 18th – 20th for a lot of amazing fun as we strive to reach this huge goal. Together, we can make a difference.

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