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I’m feeling a little out of sorts this week. Maybe it’s because I’m recording on tuesday. Maybe it’s because the boys and ReAnna are home all week on spring break. Either way I just feel weird. But I did have a very scenic weekend of driving for work. All that driving made me realize how much I love landscapes. Chris the Mole Man brings his unique kind of tribute to the passing of Stephen Hawking. The news is loaded with all kinds of stupidity from golden dog jackets to putting a hit on a hitman. Finally, I kick off the Road to the Livestream For The Cure, with PodFix members “More Gooder Than.”


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A French company has developed a cryptocurrency mining system that uses the heat generated by it’s 2 internal graphics cards to warm the surrounding room. Crypto mining machines generate large amounts of heat, and require large amounts of ventilation and cooling. This system uses that excess heat to warm your home.
Somebody decided to make a dog jacket out of 24k gold, decorated with Swarovski crystals, and/or black diamonds. It also functions as armor, protecting the pooch from bites and knife wounds. And it will only set you back a measly $137,000.
Back in June, 2017, a Minnesota woman and her boyfriend tried to make a YouTube video showing him stopping a bullet with a book. With her boyfriend’s assurance, she fired a Dessert Eagle straight at him from approximately one foot away, while he held up an encyclopedia to stop it. The stunt failed and he was killed. She was sentenced to 180 days in prison presumably on account of the death being an act of negligence and not malice.
A Utah woman was convicted of attempting to hire a hitman to murder her ex-husband and his new wife. After the supposed hitman ratted her out to authorities, she attempted to have him killed by members of various prison gangs while she awaited trial.


Cleveland Cavaliers’ Jordan Clarkson Believes Dinosaurs Were Pets To Giant Humans

While being interviewed on the Road Trippin’: Richard vs. Channing podcast, Jordan Clarkson claimed that he believed dinosaurs were once pets to a race of gigantic humans.




“More Gooder Than is a weekly podcast in which we rate and dissect pop culture, one argument at a time. Chris, Donnie, and Cory will each take a stance on a movie, actor, character, episode or whatever else we feel like defending and try to determine who’s side is the Most Goodest. After the hilarity concludes, hopefully we’ll have both entertained and educated you; at least, educated you on our opinions.”

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