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This week, rather than talking about myself, I’ve decided to point the spotlight on some of my awesome podcast friends. On the subject of friends, this week’s Recommended Listening feature goes to one of my newest pod-friends, Kate, and her show, “Ignorance Was Bliss.

Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne

Chris, from Play Comics and Meddling Kids podcasts recently joined the Gonna Geek podcast network. The guys over at Gonna Geek are quite selective about what shows are allowed to join, and it is really awesome to see that all of Chris’s hard work on Play Comics has gotten him recognized by such a respected group.

Lisa and Sam Merch

Less about them directly, and more about them letting me be a part of their thing. Recently Lisa and Sam from I Shake My Head had to change their merch provider for their show. After asking around, they went with, which is the service I use. Because they aren’t super techy, I offered to help them out with some troubles they had with setting up their shop and merch designs. Ultimately, this resulted in me doing multiple designs for their shop including creating a pair of leggings with their bitmoji faces on them. It was really fun to do, and I just love getting to help out my friends with their stuff.

Emily Prokop

Long story short, Emily has been nominated for a Webby award in the “Best Series” category for The Story Behind. She is the only real “indie” podcaster in her category and is up against major media productions like “Serial” and shows from Gimlet and Slate. All of the other shows she’s up against have downloads in the millions and teams of a dozen or more behind them. Emily is a one woman army on her show and has more than earned her spot on this list. I personally doubt that the hosts of any of the other nominated shows could do what she does week after week while also running a podcast editing and consulting business. Just saying…

She Podcasts Kickstarter

Although not close friends with them both, I am friendly with the ladies of She Podcasts. Last year, they tossed around the idea of holding a She Podcasts convention. After all, they do have the largest community of female podcasters around with over 12,000 women in the She Podcasts Facebook group. A few weeks back they announced the launch of a kickstarter for the She Podcasts LIVE convention to take place in Atlanta, Georgia in October. I’m happy to say that as of the date of this post, they have reached 118% of their funding goal and still have 6 days left of the campaign. This is going to be such a great event. I only wish I could afford to go.

-Recommended Listening-

Ignorance Was Bliss

Ignorance Was Bliss

Sometimes the only difference between us and them… is who gets a key.

Are you sure you really want to know?

Ignorance Was Bliss” is one of those shows that I probably should have been listening to for much longer than I have. The host, Kate, is friends with pretty much EVERY SINGLE ONE of my other podcast friends, and they all recommend this show. Many of them have actually been on her show multiple times. It’s one of those shows that, by looking at the description, didn’t seem like my sort of thing. Kate describes her show as “true crime adjacent.” It’s not really a true crime podcast, but occasionally she will talk about some of those stories. In the beginning it was much more of a crime show, but now it’s become more of an analytical conversation. Honestly at this point you could almost call guesting on IWB as free therapy. When people talk to Kate, the guard comes down and the feelings come out. I have listened to more than one episode that has just been a punch in the gut, and listening to some episodes has had me fighting back tears.
If you dig true crime type stuff, listen to the earlier episodes. If you are more into people’s stories and experiences, go for the newer ones. Either way, check out “Ignorance Was Bliss.
Do you really wanna know?” Yes, yes you do.

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