Weird Comes In Pairs: ODO 64

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This week’s stories come magically in pairs. I’ve got a couple of people with, let’s just say, “questionable” beliefs. I’ve got a pair of stories about paying WAY too much for something all because of perceived value. A pair of cocaine dealers tied for the “Jackass Of The Week.” This week’s featured podcast even stars a pair of crazy ladies, it’s She Podcasts.


— Sean Corbett (@jdmreverend) June 1, 2017








“She Podcasts began in 2014 as a small Facebook group, built so that our women podcaster friends could have a place online to get quick podcasting answers, tips and resources from one another. However, as soon as the group started, it grew enormously. Friends were adding friends and before long it had been built to almost 2000 women in some phase of building and PRODUCING a podcast.She Podcasts is a show all about podcasting – for women – by women.

Hosted by Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar – two of the leading voices in podcasting – this show is dedicated to addressing all the things that come up for podcasters from a female perspective: news, tech gadgets, relationship management, interview best practices, show notes, everything you can think of can and will be covered. As podcasters, women often have a unique approach to all aspects of creating and growing a podcast – the tech, the interview, the sharing – all of it. Our mission is to highlight, enhance and support current women podcasters by creating a supportive, fun and nurturing community as well as a platform for continuing to cultivate stronger and more powerful voices in the world of podcasting.”


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