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I can’t believe I made it to Episode 200!! Granted, I should have hit this milestone last summer. (Thanks Corona.) It’s such an amazing accomplishment for any podcast to reach this many episodes. I can’t believe I actually made it this far. I’m so humbled that there’s anybody still listening to my weird ass after all this time. I want to thank each and every one of you who has listened over the last 5+ years that got me to this point.

That said, I decided that in honor of my 200th episode, I would do a little Q&A session. So I reached out and got some, let’s just say, “interesting” questions from some listeners. I’m not going to go through all of them here. You’ll just have to listen to the episode. *wink* But I am going to talk about some of my favorites.

Kate Got Me Thinking

Leave it to Kate from “Ignorance Was Bliss” to make me have to think about things. Of course she asked some straightforward questions like, how many days have I spent podcasting, and what’s the weirdest place I’ve listened to a podcast. FYI: it’s about a year’s worth of days and I only listen to podcasts while I’m at work. Yes, I know I’m boring.

But then she asked, “what color is your favorite podcast?” Now, knowing Kate this question could legitimately have two completely different meanings. The things about Kate is that she has synesthesia, where you experience your senses differently. Some people may see words as colors, or get a certain physical sensation from sounds. So, this question could be coming from this state of mind. At the same time, she’s just kind of a weirdo and likes to ask weird questions.

Of course, because I’m indecisive as all hell, I don’t really have a “favorite” podcast. I just have whatever it is that I’m really in to right now. And right now, I’m really digging “Less Is Morgue” and as that show has a ghoul and a ghost for hosts, I have to say that it really has that sort of “zombie green” vibe to it. You know what I mean…

Kate also asked what podcast recommendation surprised me the most, and it was actually one from her. The same night as she asked me all of these questions, she also suggested the show, “Doomsday: History’s Most Dangerous Podcast.” This one is definitely going to be featured here in the future. This show recounts some of the most extreme disasters in history. From massive hurricanes, to human stampedes, and nuclear meltdowns. But it’s done with a very “tongue in cheek” style. There’s also an educational moment in each episode that teaches you how to deal with the given situation. As someone who isn’t particularly interested in history podcasts, I thoroughly enjoy this one. This show is a prime example of edu-tainment. You learn from being entertained.

Heather Was Both Techy and Fun

Heather from “Sunshine and Powercuts” and the “Just Heather’s” podcasts is just as much of a podcast nerd as she is a garden variety goofball. So she asked questions about my podcasting goals and lessons I’ve learned over the last 200 episodes, and about what I would say to someone struggling with their “why” in podcasting. But she also asked me a real brain teaser. She asked, “If your podcast was a flavor, what flavor ice cream would your podcast be?

“…what flavor ice cream would your podcast be?”

I’m just gonna say it. I had no clue how to answer this kind of question, because, for all of my artistic merits, I’m not that creative. At least, I don’t think I am. So I had to ponder over it a bit, but I came up with something that ultimately seems like it fits. I have no clue how this would taste, but I’m calling this the “Oddball Sundae.” You start with a base of coffee ice cream (obviously) and add in both a marshmallow fluff and hot fudge swirl, add peanuts, cookie dough, Reese’s chunks, and maraschino cherries. It’s all sorts of twisted and weird and random and just a little fruity. Just like this podcast! Now I need to make this.

Superfan Tori Asked About Pet Names and Recipes

Superfan Tori, who is the only person ever to use the ODO Text line, had a question about how all of our animals got their names. With the number of animals we have I could write an entire blog on that by itself. So if you really wanna know, you know what I’m gonna say, listen to the episode. They also asked for more recipes like I did during National Podcast Post Month a couple years back. At the time, I gave my recipe for my scratch made sausage mac and cheese. I had intended to do more of those types of segments, but I just never did. (Story of this podcast…) But that makes me really think about doing some more of those for my youtube channel. I recently did a garden tour and showed off planting some melons in our back yard. And now I’m thinking I may turn that channel into all of those types of segments, gardening, cooking, vlogging, that I really can’t do in the format of an audio podcast. So more recipes may be on the way.

Oddball Allie Asked About Missed Opportunities

Allie, member of the “Oddballs” Facebook group and recommender of “The Box Of Oddities” podcast, asked, “What’s one thing you wish you’d done that you now are unable to do?”

This one is tough for me because I’m really not one to dwell on the past. When I think of things I wish I could have done, it really ends up being stuff like taking a motorcycle trip across Arizona and maybe up to the Grand Canyon. I had a motorcycle for a few years and I had always wanted to take a full day ride to somewhere, but I never had the opportunity. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting another motorcycle any time before all of my boys are moved out of the house. I’m strangely not someone who holds on to a lot of regret. Even now, days after recording, I cannot think of anything that I wish I could have done that I flat out cannot do now.

I Still Can’t Believe It

It’s been 5 1/2 years that I’ve been doing this podcast and it still just barely hit me, the magnitude of 200 episodes. Most, and I really do mean most, podcasts do not ever reach this many episodes, especially shows like this one with such a small audience. How the hell have I managed to fill 200 episodes with just my random brain scrambles? How are you still listening to my brain scrambles after 200 episodes? It defies all logic. All I know is that there are an odd group of people out there who get some form of enjoyment from listening to my twisted rambles every week or so. A group of people who, for whatever reason, like listening to me talk about podcasts, and gardening, and dog training, and coffee, and whatever random shit falls out of my brain on any given week. And all I can say is, Thank you. Thank you for being some of the coolest, most supportive group of weirdos on the internet. If it weren’t for you, and maybe my lack of an overly sensitive ego, I don’t think I would still be at it. So thank you. And here’s to 200 more episodes of rambling stories, bitching about kids, rants, garden tips, podcast reviews, and maybe a few more recipes. *Cheers*

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