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After nearly 2 and a half years I have reached episode 100 of the podcast and I spend a ton of time just vamping about it. I talk about how the show started, how the format grew and changed over time, and how I got to where I am now. I answer email questions from podcast friends from around the world, and just soak in the fact that I have finally reached such a milestone.

When I started this podcast I had little to no real idea how to do it. All I had was a mind full of stories and the ability to talk at great length once I was given the right spark to begin my train of thought. In the 2 and a half years since that day, I have refined my message, built a very disorganized train of thought style show into a semi-organized 3 part program, and built a reputation within the podcast community as someone who simply loves everything about podcasting.

The 100th episode gave me the opportunity to take questions from some of the friends I have made in the podcasting space in the last few years.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t do as well on some questions as others. At the same time I discovered that the longer I’ve known someone, the more  interesting the questions were. I also seemed to have an easier time with the questions from newer friends than the older ones.


-Chris from “More Gooder Than” asked:

“If you were going to have another kid, what would your “dream” names be for a boy and a girl?”

The simple answer to that is “No.” The full answer is a little more complicated, and went into the medical history of our children’s births.

-Chris and Cody from “BSP- The [Idiot] Syncracy Files” had 2 questions:
  • What (to you) has been your biggest success in your time podcasting?

  • What podcast has influenced you the most to do what you do?

First, I feel like my biggest success has been the connections and relationships I’ve built in my years podcasting. I may not have the download numbers of the big shots, or even some of my friends, but I have built a reputation as someone who supports other podcasters and has a genuine love of podcasting.

Second, I can probably credit Kevin Smith as the base inspiration for getting up and starting a podcast. He once said that anyone can start a podcast. All you need is a microphone and an idea. But the overall format and style of the show I derived from Dave Jackson at “The School Of Podcasting.”

-Lisa and Sam from “I Shake My Head

After my recent trip to a food truck festival, I’ve been officially challenged to eat an entree item from 4 different food trucks within a 2 hour period. I accept this challenge, with the fear and knowledge that my boys will likely try to steal anything I get for myself.

-Emily from “The Story Behind” and “E-Podcast Productions” sent in an audio clip with 3 questions.
  • When is the last time you got to tell someone “I told you so?”

Honestly I don’t know. It’s probably something menial from work or my wife.

  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?

The simple answer is flying, if I were able to have someone else along with me. I’d probably just use it to visit family more. What can I say? I’m boring.

  • What company would I wish could sponsor my podcast?

I don’t really have a dream sponsor. Perhaps one of the podcast companies, because I love the industry so much. Maybe someone like Best Buy or Microsoft because I like gadgets and computers. I’m always horrible at picking things like this. (see superpowers) But not to worry, at the rate I’m at, I’d have to pay them to sponsor me.

-Derek from the “Sometimes Geek” podcast asked:
  • Of all the Jackasses of the Week, which one is the worst?

Fortunately I didn’t have to comb through 100 episodes to pick, since I’ve only been doing the segment since the second year of the show. I went ahead and came up with my top 3, and they were all pretty recent.

3. Episode 81– The Jackass I forgot to put in the show.  “Court Rules Zoo Can’t Let Kids Swim With Crocodiles Anymore”

2. Episode 98– “Cavaliers’ Jordan Clarkson thinks dinosaurs used to be pets for enormous humans

1.  Episode 91 “Parents Are Making Their Children Drink Bleach to ‘Cure’ Them of Autism”


In addition to the questions, I also received clips and congratulations from more of my podcast friends:

Mike from “The Mike Jolitz Show”
Paul from “Varmints
Heather from “Sunshine and Powercuts

Recommended Listening

For this week’s “Recommended Listening” just check out all the great shows that contributed to this episode. They are all great podcasters who give it their all, week in and week out to bring you great shows.


The Mike Jolitz Show
More Gooder Than
BSP- The [Idiot]Syncracy Files
I Shake My Head w/ Lisa and Sam
The Story Behind
Sometimes Geek
Sunshine and Powercuts


Livestream For The Cure



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