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This week I am joined by my first ever remote guest, my Surprise Mfers brother, Mike Jolitz. Much less an interview and more just a couple buddies having a chat, we somehow cover all of the regular show segments. Of course, things get derailed far more easily than in regular episodes and there’s way more toilet humor. We talk podcasting, news, comedy, kids, teachers, military experience, and more. Of course we get interrupted by kids, and dogs, and all other sorts of “Mr. Mom” type racket.  And finally, we wrap up with one of Mike’s favorite podcasts, Afterburn 739.


-BS From The News-


A woman in China came up with a genius(?) idea for avoiding parking tickets. She just put a fake one on her car ahead of time. She would place a fake parking ticket on her windshield in order to trick police out of giving her another one.


Inmates in Costa Rica have begun using “trained cats” to smuggle phones into the prison. Authorities have recently intercepted 2 cats attempting to get into the prison with packs strapped to them containing phones, chargers, spare batteries, and earbuds.


A Tennessee National Guardsman was recently discharged after a video went viral showing her taking her re-enlistment oath while wearing a dinosaur puppet on her hand. The guardsman was discharged, the supervisor reading her the oath was demoted and retired, and the officer filming the video was also demoted.



A man in the UK claims that taking the prescription painkiller, Lyrica, has caused him to lose interest in his girlfriend and become attracted to men. To test a theory, he stopped taking the pills and found his attraction to her return. He eventually broke up with his girlfriend and continued taking the pills.


-Jackass of The Week-


President of Uganda Wants to Ban Oral Sex

The President of Uganda has issued a public statement warning his citizens not to have oral sex because it can lead to worms. He has also passed laws making homosexuality, and failing to report homosexuality illegal.


-Recommended Listening-
Afterburn 739

Afterburn 739

Can’t make it to Scrish Bar – Hang out with our crowd! Kitty + Leo, Midge + Cobra, &  Fez! We talk about music, sports, the internet, pop culture, and anything else we come up with!


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