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 So here’s the thing. I am fully capable of writing something in this blog space on a regular basis. If I really tried I could probably write a different post every day. Would it be something of substance? Hell if I know. Would it give a little more of a peek into what’s going on in my head? That’s much more likely. Would it maybe help drive traffic here and get me more listeners? That’s almost certain.

 So why don’t I do it? I’d love to have some really upstanding answer. I’d love to be able to say, ” My children are too important to spend all of their young lives in front of a computer.” Or maybe, “My obligations as a father are simply too crucial to escape.” But really the truth of the matter is, I’m just kind of lazy.

 Now I’m not talking about the kind of lazy where I don’t get out of bed until noon. My younger boys are 2 and 4. That is NOT an option. What I mean is much more a sort of  master procrastinator, lazy. But even that is sort of a stretch. Besides the fact that I am in fact quite busy wrangling my boys during the day, and the fact that I do put my children before other things in my life, a lot of it just comes from not wanting to do it.

 A big part of my ability to continue do my podcast has been my ability to improvise just about everything I do on the show. I don’t want to write it all out. That’s why I do my show the way I do. But here’s the thing; it’s REALLY good for the show for me to write. Google and other search hubs cannot search audio. It doesn’t matter what I say on my podcast, google cannot hear it. In order for anything I produce to be searchable, it has to be in print on a webpage. And the more things there are on that webpage in print for the little robots to search for, the more likely they are to direct things to your (my) webpage.

So, with all that in mind, I am going to try to write more. Maybe I’ll just ramble like this and get thoughts out that I don’t express in the show. Maybe I’ll just take my stories from the show and write them out. I don’t know. What I do know is that I need to be writing more, or at all. What I also know is that it is highly likely I’m just writing this to myself and nobody will read it besides the crawler bots from Google. Hello Google bots…


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