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The Magic School Bus

     After weeks of trying to get a new episode recorded, I’m finally back. School is back as well and I’ve got a bone to pick with the people on the road. This week’s “BS From the News” has a woman with psychological issues, a woman committed to a scam, a hungry cop, and a twist ending to a great play in baseball.
     Things have been pretty hectic in the Odd Dad household lately. Between my wife and I both working lots of overtime and school starting back up for our oldest, I’m beat. I’ve honestly been trying to get a new episode recorded for weeks to no avail. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook at all you know that I hate missing shows. And if you’ve been following the show for any amount of time you know I work nights and have 4 boys with me during the day. Unfortunately because of overtime lately I’ve been getting home from work around 4-5 am. Then I have to turn around and wake up at 6:30 to get the boys up and ready for the day. Makes me miss the summer days when I could sleep in as late as 7:00 or even 7:15 on a good day.
But now it is back to school days and school routine. Back to being Mr Mom and the Magic School Bus all put together. Let’s not forget, my wife works days and is out the door before 7:00. This leaves me changing diapers, getting little boys dressed, making sure the older boys got dressed, getting everyone breakfast, making sure the oldest has packed his lunch and has his homework, and then battling the sea of assholes on the drive to school every day. But that’s fine. I’ve got our morning routine down. I’ve got alarms and backup alarms just in case so that we can get all loaded up and out the door on time. That is, of course, as long as the traffic doesn’t throw everything completely to hell.
Some days are fine. Other times we sit in traffic forever. I don’t understand it at all. I know I leave the house at the same time every day whether it’s work or school. I have my schedule for travel. If you are taking the same path everyday, barring an accident, shouldn’t the traffic pattern be the same? Shouldn’t the same assholes be going to the same places every day? Every day for me traffic is a total crap-shoot. One day may take 20 minutes the next could be 35, without any accidents or otherwise identifiable interference. Why can’t people just go the same way to the same place at the same time everyday? Why can’t other people figure out their path to work or school and stick to it everyday so that I don’t have to sit in gridlock with a van full of cranky boys arguing about whatever song is on the radio?
Sometimes I wonder what people must think when they see me sitting in traffic. Skinny ponytail guy in a bandanna with 4 cute kids in the back with Rob Zombie or Adele on the radio. Although there are probably very different reactions to those situations…

Bullshit From the News

Woman tells police she was RAPED by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an ‘assault’ | Daily Mail Online

A woman in the UK claims to have been raped by a Pokemon character after falling asleep playing the game. She claims she felt somebody assault her and woke up to find a pokemon character on her bed in the game. Both the police and her family told her to seek psychological treatment. This may be one fantasy taken a bit too far.


Vietnam woman “cuts off limbs for insurance payout” – BBC News

A woman in Vietnam paid a stranger over $2000 to chop off her foot and arm and then claim to have seen them severed by a train. The ultimate goal being to make an insurance claim against the railroad and get a big payout. Ironically, after the investigation found the fraud, the authorities didn’t charge the pair with anything since there isn’t actually as law on the books to cover that situation. The police probably figured the loss of an arm and foot without the big payoff is punishment enough anyway.

SAPD suspends officer for choosing Whataburger over providing backup |

A police officer in San Antonio, Texas was suspended after he failed to backup other officers detaining an intoxicated person outside of a Whataburger. Instead he placed an order and ate while the other officers had to call for backup. This may seem extreme, but if you live in Texas for any amount of time, you learn that Texans will forgo many things for a Whataburger. I just hope the grilled onions and fried jalapenos were worth his job.

Baseball Player’s Grand Slam Smashes His Own Truck Windshield

Brandon Thomas of the Gateway Grizzlies in Sauget, Illinois hit a grand slam home run right out of the park. Unfortunately for Brandon, his home run ball went straight over the wall and into his windshield. He seemed to be in good spirits about it later having tweeted out “Definitely worth it.” I can’t blame the guy. It doesn’t matter what level you play at, a grand slam is a rare and awesome stat to have on your record. Props to Brandon and here’s hoping you had glass coverage on your auto insurance.
The before and after from last night lol still can’t believe this really happened

— Brandon Thomas (@brandonthomas6) August 22, 2016


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