PETA Can Suck It w/ Paul Csomo: ODO 156

For July my guest of the month is the ever wonderful Paul Csomo from the Varmints podcast. Unlike his previous appearance, this time we actually ended up talking about animals quite a bit. Of course there’s also the obligatory podcasting and tech talk. We talk about what it’s like living in states with such dangerous wildlife. Somehow we solve Florida’s invasive species problem. Plus, we joke about Paul’s experience eating bugs, and the difference between animal rights activists and conservationists, with a side track into Paul’s Funko Pop collection.


Vacation Packing and “American” News: ODO 68

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Between packing up for our regular family trek back to Texas and the 4th of July holiday, I’m a little behind this week. Somehow I managed to put an American spin on all the news stories. And boy did it take a spin to get some of them to fit that description. Using sausages to find dogs, PETA hating on bacon, fad diets, and dads playing baseball: that all sounds American, right?



— Matt Gross (@MattGross87) June 29, 2017


— Senator Hatch Office (@senorrinhatch) June 29, 2017



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