New Year, New Home

If you’ve been listening to the podcast or following me on any of the social medias, you would know that right around Christmastime we purchased our first, and hopefully only, new home. If you’ve ever purchased a home, you will know how much that whole process SUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKSSSSSSSSSS!!! That’s not even counting the whole packing up everything, moving, unpacking, and cleaning the old house out with the miniscule hope of getting back any part of your deposit. There’s just so many different verifications and meetings and reverifications and documents and reverifications and processes and reverifications followed by a marathon session of signing so many documents that you start forgetting how to actually spell your name. Have I mentioned it sucks? Just checking… But we did it, and in mid December we moved in to our brand new, never before lived in, home in a gorgeous neighborhood.


Moving Break Over, Welcome to 2020!! ODO 171

After a completely unintended hiatus, I’m back! Welcome to 2020!! I’ve got an update on the move to our new home. I give a kind of loose tour of what’s kept me away. There’s some excitement over my new office. And I give some insight into what I want to do with the show and more in 2020.


I Can’t Feel My Arms: NAPODPOMO- Ep 8

Buying a house is kind of a pain in the ass. Even more, packing up our stuff is a pain in the everything else. Since it is a federal holiday, my wife and all of the boys were out of school for Veteran’s Day. So, we used the day to clean/ sort/ and pack up everything in the garage.
Also, I know I am 4 episodes behind on my 30 episodes in 30 days. I will have a few news episodes that will be popping up in the coming weeks to catch up. Stay tuned.


We’re Buying A House: NAPODPOMO- Day 6

It’s day 6 of NAPODPOMO, and I’ll just cut right to the chase. The reason I didn’t release an episode on Monday the 4th was because last week we began the process of buying a home. After a post-Halloween visit to a new housing community going up nearby, my wife made the executive decision to pull the trigger on attempting to buy our first house. So now, we’re all sorts of busy.


ODO 25: Moving Days

Moving Days

Back from my break to move to our new house. We aren’t totally settled in yet but we are at least in the new house. Just making this move reminded me of how much of an adventure moving is, and how much my pro skill at moving has dive bombed over the years.

I grew up in a radio family, which is right up there with the military for gypsy lifestyle. The instability of the radio business means the possibility of having to relocate on the fly. Growing up in that got me and my brothers very efficient at loading a moving van and getting moved. After I got married it seems that efficiency is gone.
As a kid I could break down my room in nothing flat. And I could load and unload a moving truck inside of a day without trouble. The first move I ever made after getting married took over 24 hours to just get the truck loaded. It just got worse from there. Every move since has taken from days to weeks to complete, including the most recent one taking over 2 weeks to actually finish. Our more recent moves have been shorter distances, which has lulled us into thinking we could take them more casually. That is dumb. We’ve been dumb.
Never take moving casually. It will just bite you in the ass. If you ever think that you can just use a trailer and just make a couple separate trips… don’t. It doesn’t matter what the distance is, if you have an actual house, use a moving truck. Plus get everything ready and get all of it moved in one shot. We have tried doing the shuttling in small trips plan twice and both times have been way more of a headache. It may seem kinda obvious, but the lesson I’ve let slip away over the years is simply to be prepared. Be ready to go way before you need to. I have at least one more move to make, and next time I’m gonna be ready for it.

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