Fun In The Kitchen- Matt Heyman Pt 2: ODO 180

For part 2 of my interview with Matt Heyman of “PreRecorded Live,” it’s all about food. I’m a cook. Matt is a trained chef. We can talk food about as much as we can talking podcasting. As a matter of fact, this half of the conversation is the reason I split it into two episodes in the first place. No trigger warning this week except to say, maybe don’t listen if you’re hungry.

(Psssssttttt…. The rest of the info is the same as part 1)


Gluten Free Migraine Meals: ODO 178

This week I start off with a little housekeeping, and I explain why it is I’m moving the show to a Monday release. Long story short, it allows me to pre-record shows and work on getting them finalized over the weekend, which means hopefully having consistent releases.
I also talk about my recent art accident and it’s addition to the ODO Merch Shop.

“Chaos Practice” Now available in the ODO Shop

After a break for “Some Kind Of Brown,” I get into the main topic: gluten free meal planning by way of my wife’s migraine medication. It doesn’t sound like two things that are related, but I guarantee you they are. And it has caused us to make some calculated changes in our weekly dinner menu.


ODO 79: Weight Changes, Breakfast Food, and The RestauRant Podcast

What do I have in common with my dog? Both of us have had major weight shifts lately. On a similar note, almost all of this week’s news is about breakfast food. I’ve got garlic coffee, cops confused by donuts, a shortcut to chicken and waffles, and a little “green” something to help your appetite. All that food left me with only one choice for this week’s “Recommended Listening” feature: The RestauRant Podcast

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A Japanese coffee shop owner has created an alternative coffee beverage using burnt garlic. He claims that his drink, despite having an aroma of garlic, tastes like regular coffee and is completely free of caffeine.

A Florida man was arrested during a traffic stop when the officer saw a white substance on the floor of the car that he believed to be crystal meth. Lab tests showed it was in fact just doughnut glaze. The man received a $37,500 settlement after suing the city for false arrest.

A Michigan man, wanted on probation violation, claimed he would turn himself in and bring the police a dozen doughnuts if they could get 1000 shares on his “wanted” post. After going viral and getting 4000 shares, he kept his word and showed up to the police station with a bag of doughnuts in hand.

A Long Beach restaurant owner has been getting a lot of heat after it was discovered that the fried chicken on her menu is purchased from Popeye’s. She claims she has always used pre-made fried chicken since her kitchen isn’t equipped to make it, and has never hidden that fact.  

An Orlando couple were shocked to find 65 lbs of pot along with their order of storage containers from Amazon. 


Vigilante Shoots Self Dead While Testing Bullet-Proofing Charms

A member of a Nigerian vigilante group shot himself to death during a new member initiation. He had been wearing a number of charms intended to protect him from gunshots. They didn’t work.


 The RestauRant Podcast

“Rants and raves about restaurants, food, and a celebration of all things culinary.”

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