Holiday Spending Season Is Coming: ODO 124

I realized, as I started recording, that Halloween is only a week away and I don’t know what we are going to do this year. As I thought about that I started thinking about the holiday season and how Halloween kicks off the season of spending. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas time, you just start purging cash at the end of October. I also reflect on how my general introversion makes me uncomfortable with holiday travel, and I have a callback to last week’s psychological breakdown.

In Recommended Listening I’ve got a super short flash fiction podcast. I’m talking about that sci-fi/ horror drama, 600 Second Saga.

For the Jackass of the Week, I’m off to Spain for some unnecessarily expensive worms.

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ODO 80: Good Lord That’s A Lotta Money!

Halloween has passed and we had fun taking the boys Trick-or-treating. We may not have gone to the most houses, but the boys definitely cleaned up in the candy department. In the news: it’s all about the big money. From noise cancelling forks, to diamond encrusted stilettos, and even a guy claiming, the long dead, Sam Walton owes him money.


Nissin, the company that invented instant ramen noodles, has created a fork that generates a sound to cancel out the sound of noodle slurping. In Japan, it is proper form to slurp noodles to enhance the flavor but western tourists are not too keen on the sound.

Serenity 3, in New York City, makes a grilled cheese sandwich using French bread baked with Dom Perignon champagne and 23-karat gold. It’s filled with imported caciocavallo podolico cheese and gilded with 23-karat gold leaf. It’s then served up with a tomato bisque with lobster.

A Canadian Instagram model known as Scarlet Vixxen claims she earns over $70,000 per year from fans who regularly send her money and gifts in exchange for custom pictures of her feet. Despite frequent requests, she does not take nude photos.

The worlds most expensive pair of high heels have been unveiled. The stiletto heels contain over 1000 diamonds of various color and rarity set in platinum. They are made of 24-karat gold painted leather, stitched using real 18-karat gold thread, solid gold zippers, and rose gold accents.


Man Eats His Way Through Wal-Mart Claiming Sam Walton Owes Him $50

A Pennsylvania man was arrested for misconduct and theft after walking through a Wal-Mart eating donuts and drinking apple cider claiming that Sam Walton owed him $50.


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