ODO 139

Good morning Bad Decisions: ODO 139

Holy cow the news has so many people just making bad decisions. Dumb rappers, horrible mothers, and someone who just doesn’t care about that warning sign at the zoo. All that aside, I’ve had my hands full juggling home/work/podcast stuff this week, including taking our little Bug to Kindergarten orientation. We went to see “Welcome To Night Vale” live last week, and as such, this week’s featured podcast is their commentary show, “Good Morning Night Vale.”


ODO 77: Blinded by Bad Decisions

People make bad decisions all the time. The subjects of this week’s esteemed news stories range from just being ignorant to getting literally blinded by poor decision making. On a completely unrelated note, it’s pie time at home! Ok, it’s because I decided to let my wife order 30 lbs of apples, so I guess it does relate to bad decision making. Going back to being blind, this week’s “Recommended Listening” features at least one guy who is legally blind. It’s Big D and Little R, from the Bro-Ron’s Podcast.

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    Five people were evacuated when a mysterious odor was found to be coming from a Baltimore High School locker. Hazmat crews found it to be a pumpkin spice air freshener.

    When McDonald’s announced a super limited release of it’s long gone szechuan dipping sauce, caused by fans of the cartoon show, “Rick and Morty,” they didn’t expect that thousands of fans would show up to get some of the sauce. Some locations only had a few dozen packets of sauce, if any. The hoards of fans, started chanting, and some had to be removed by police.

    At an auction in China, a vase, valued around $500, sold for over $6 million. The vase, apparently made in the 20th century, had a marking that may have indicated it actually being made during the 18th century. Somebody was willing to gamble on that maybe in a big way.

    • Man Asks Friends to Help Him Move, They Actually Robbed A House

    A Montana man is in jail on burglary and criminal mischief charges after he asked his friends to help him move. In reality, they ended up helping him steal nearly $40,000 of property from another man’s home.


    Woman Goes Blind In One Eye From Playing Mobile Game Too Long

    A 21 year old Chinese woman has rendered herself blind in her right eye after spending as much as 8 hours a day playing a popular mobile phone game for days on end. She admited that some days she wouldn’t even stop to eat. Doctors determined that she has extreme eye strain and are still trying to restore her vision.

    Eye-Tattoo Gone Wrong Leaves Girl Near-Blind and Crying Purple Tears

    A Canadian girl was left with an infected purple eye after letting her , now ex-, boyfriend give her a highly dangerous eyeball tattoo.


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