ODO Ep 13: Big Dead Elephant

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ODO Episode 13: Big Dead Elephant


Once again, my wife ReAnna joins me on the show. For as much as she complains about the time I spend on this, she does have a good time when she’s on. Tonight she joins me for an extra long episode to talk about a bit of the news of the week, and some of our personal happenings.

“The 69 Club”


In the last few weeks 3 highly influential English celebrities have died of cancer at the age of 69

  • Lemmy Kilmister: Dec 28, 2015- Singer/ Bassist for metal band Motorhead.  Died 4 days after his 70th birthday from brain cancer diagnosed only 2 days before his death. Due to an online petition, the Jack Daniels and Coke has been officially named the “Lemmy.”
  • David Bowie: Jan 10, 2016- Singer (Ziggy Stardust), songwriter, record producer, actor, painter. Died from liver cancer 2 days after his 69th birthday. His final album “Blackstar” debuted as his first #1 album in the US.
  • Alan Rickman: Jan 14, 2016: Film and stage actor and director. Died from pancreatic cancer discovered after a minor stroke. Many have used Twitter to pay homage to Rickman by “raising their wands” in reference to a scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when Hogwarts students point their wands to the sky to honor the recently-deceased Dumbledore.

Home Life


  • We are one of those families that treat their pets like any other member of the family. We go into depth about each of our pets’ personalities and their place in the family.
    • Emmit: Dalmatian/ Lab, grumpy old guard dog

    • Fluffy: doesn’t know she’s a cat, we’re convinced she used to be a nurse

    • Cheyenne: ReAnna’s boxer- spoiled little princess, lost to cancer in November

    • Toby: ReAnna’s cat- Got lost over the weekend and caused housewide freakout

  • ReAnna is excited for season 2 of Dinotrux on Netflix. She even started shopping for clothes.

  • We aren’t very friendly. We don’t talk to people much, and we really only go out on Halloween

  • ReAnna thinks the guy next door is creepy for sitting in his garage “people watching” all day.


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