ODO 49: I Suck at Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is here so I’ve committed to focusing the entire episode on the holiday. The problem with that is, in a very general way, I’m no good at Valentine’s.
It’s not that I am not romantic. The problem comes mostly in that I’m too practical. I dislike giving flowers because they barely last a few days before dying. Chocolate seems very impersonal. There’s a million different heart shaped boxes of candy out there, and everybody has particulars about box chocolates. Don’t believe me, just look at any variety box of candy after a couple days. You’ll find a lot of the same things left behind.
Ultimately my failure boils down to a simple fact: I’m not that creative about gifts and the good ones are STUPID expensive.


Pokemon GO has special Valentine’s Day update
Pokémon GO is keeping up its habit of introducing holiday themed updates with a Valentine’s Day event. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Pokémon GO ‘s first in-game event of 2017 began February 8 at 7pm and ends at February 15 at 7pm. Among the features are increased candy and the spawning of more “Pink” pokemon.

Oklahoma town to cancel Valentine’s Day dance due to anti-dancing law
A Henryetta, Oklahoma shop tried to hold a Valentine’s Day dance to raise money for renovations. Unfortunately, the town has a city ordinance that prohibits dancing within 500 feet of a church. Guess who the neighbors are…

Central Michigan University apologizes for Hitler Valentine’s Day card
Somebody decided it would be funny to make a Hitler themed Valentine’s card and hand it out at a school function. The school has said that this was, obviously, not a sanctioned incident

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Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

Married couple, Annaleis and Neil C live together in Northern California with their pets and egos. Both have a wide variety of interests including animal welfare, video games, comic books, reading, music, Jamaica, podcasting, travel, NASCAR, and other crap. These two started podcasting because they couldn’t seem to get enough of their own voices. Hearing the beautiful sounds made by their mouths, they were inspired to allow everyone to experience the joy, so they began sharing their sweet vocal love with the masses…

Don’t let the name and logo fool you. This is, at its most basic, a couple’s comedy show. Their theme song says it perfectly, “They only talk about themselves, I figure I’d warn ya.” Honestly, I’m ok with that. These two may just sit around talking about “whatever” as a couple, but it works because they’re funny. Considering we do a similar thing on “Mom and Dad Cuss” how could I really have a problem with it. You can’t fake the authenticity of a married couple picking on each other and fighting with the dog’s chew toys. It’s like hanging out with your cool married friends every week.




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