Have I Mentioned I Do Voices? NAPODPOMO- Ep 14

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For Ep 14 of NAPODPOMO 2019, I’m gonna be doing a little shilling for another podcast that I’ve gotten to be part of. I’m talking about my most recent role on 2000 DC.

2000 DC- A Sitcom Podcast

2000 DC is a satirical sitcom podcast.
Follow Alex and Dimitri as they move into Washington DC and face issues of the modern world.

I have had the honor of appearing in 3 different episodes of 2000 DC in their first season. All of those roles were of smaller background characters (waiter, radio interview, stripper.) And all of those parts were really fun to play because for some reason I always get called on to do characters with silly voices. Or maybe I just choose to do weird voices for all of my characters. Either way, I always get to have fun figuring out what this character will sound like. And this time I actually get a pretty major role in Episode 6: The Mugging. If this were a TV sitcom, it would likely say “guest starring Adam Higgins as the Dojo Master.” I am really proud of this part, primarily because, for the first time, I’m actually a major character on the show. But also, because I really enjoy voice acting. That’s why, whenever the creator asks me if I’d like to play a role in an episode, I jump at it.

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