#NAPODPOMO Day 28- Internet Outage and Bacon Mac

What happened to yesterday? Long story short, our internet was down.
Tonight I decided to actually try doing bacon mac for dinner, because why not. The boys seem to like it. Guess that’s one for the menu now.
I’m gonna go ahead with last week’s plan for an all Jackasses news segment on the main show this week.I think they all deserve the ridicule this time around.

Family Chaos w/ Raevyn Lunatik and Little Jae Sinclair: ODO 83

There are no words to describe what happens when my family comes on the podcast other than pure chaos. This week I’m joined by my sister, Raevyn Lunatik, and her daughter, Little Jae Sinclair. These are professional names of course. Raevyn, apart from being my oldest sister, is also a skater for the AZ Derby Dames and a personal trainer. She is here both for fun but also to announce the launch of LunatikFitness.com and her Lunatik Fit Camps. Little Jae Sinclair is a rising star in the Phoenix and Los Angeles burlesque and fetish dance scene. She can be found performing with both traditional burlesque and horror/ fetish style groups throughout the Phoenix and Los Angeles area.

Raevyn Lunatik:

Twitter @LunatikFitness
Instagram raevyn.lunatik
Facebook @RaevynLunatik

Little Jae Sinclair:

Twitter @ LittleJSinclair
Facebook @littlejsinclair
Instagram littlejsinclair

#NaPodPoMo Day 21 Busiest Week Of The Month

Another room full of boys show. I tried to talk about all the stuff going on this week. Of course random sidebarsto the boys make that highly complicated.
preview for episode 83: Week of Jackasses, every news story is going to be a solid contender for Jackass Of The Week.
With all the chaos in the room I know it’s a bit of a tough listen I’m sure.
I’ll see you tomorrow with Ep 83!

#NaPodPoMo 15 Broken Promises and Google Play Music

So sickness around the house gogt me behind on show prep so EP 82 is not out yet. BUT everything is ready to go to be out in the morning. Once again, apologies for my tardiness.
My little sister asked me about subscribing to the show on Google Play Music. If you like the show, share it with your friends, share it on social. That’s the best way to help me out here. I promise this time, EP 82 is coming tomorrow.
Goodnight everybody!